Samsung-Bespoke CES 2021

Samsung kicked off CES 2021 with a look at the future of home appliances. Their goal is to create a better normal for everyone, and after seeing the preview at virtual CES 2021, I can’t wait to see what these appliances look like in person.

Here’s a look at what was just announced at Samsung’s virtual press conference at CES 2021.

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Fridge

Samsung Bespoke 4-door flex fridge CES 2021

Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator is finally coming to North America this spring. The latest version has the same sleek style as the original, but it’s packed with new features to make life at home even easier.

With Samsung Bespoke your refrigerator can match your kitchen décor, and you can choose from your favourite colours including Rose Pink Glass, Sky Blue Glass, and Navy Steel. The panel offers a seamless style with recessed handles, and the interior features a Flex Zone that lets you choose between storing frozen food, beverages, or deli items. The crispers have been upgraded too.

Open the door and there is a Beverage Center that stores an automatically filled water pitcher, and the Dual Auto Ice Maker dispenses ice cubes and ice bites to add a bit of cold crunch to your drinks.

If you just need a slim, sleek refrigerator you can choose one Bespoke fridge. When you need more space you can mix and match two or more Bespoke refrigerators to give yourself the room to store more food as your family grows. It’s an amazing system, and who wouldn’t want a pink or navy fridge if they could have one?

SmartThings Cooking

SmartThings cooking recipes Samsung Smart Hub 2021

While Samsung didn’t specify what new features the Samsung Family Hub 2021 would have, they did highlight how SmartThings Cooking will work with the fridge and other appliances in the kitchen.

SmartThings is Samsung’s platform to connect and control smart home devices, and the demo for SmartThings Cooking has to be seen to believed.

SmartThings Cooking will let you choose a recipe based on your dietary preferences, and once you’ve picked it will search your fridge for those ingredients using the fridge’s internal cameras.

If you’re short ingredients SmartThings Cooking will make a list of what you need to order, and you can order those and other groceries right on the fridge or via the SmartThings app on your phone.

You can arrange for a grocery service to deliver the food, and when you’re ready to cook you can join a live cooking class streamed to your fridge. When you’re finished with meal prep, SmartThings will send cooking instructions to your Samsung range so every bite is cooked perfectly.

Samsung 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load Washer and Dryer

Samsung Stacked washer and dryer with multi control panel

Samsung wants to make all of our daily chores easier than ever, and that’s exactly what they’ve done by adding AI to their latest laundry pair. The Samsung 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load Washer and Dryer have a completely redesigned look and offer Smart Dial technology.

After learning your preferred laundry cycles and the settings you use the most, Smart Dial will set you up with a custom control panel. Your laundry machines will even recommend a specific cycle based on the cycles you’ve used in the past. With OptiWash on board to detect your laundry’s weight, your washer will use that weight to determine how much water and detergent to use in the cycle you’re running.

samsung 8800 series washer and dryer

Stacking your washer and dryer saves space, but Samsung wants to make it even easier to control your stacked washer and dryer. The latest Samsung laundry pair has a MultiControl feature that lets you control both your washer and dryer from one panel right on the washing machine. It’s connected to SmartThings too, and with the SmartThings app you can turn on your washer and dryer whenever you’d like to, schedule a wash cycle, or get a notification when your laundry is finished.

Jetbot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum


It’s hard not to be impressed with the Jetbot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum. Announced at CES 2021, the world’s first smart robotic vacuum has built-in Intel AI, a LiDAR sensor to detect distance and track objects, and a 3D sensor to recognize objects and identify the shape of a room. Watch the demo of this powerful robot vacuum and you’ll be as amazed as I was at how it can steer clear of your fragile items, lower itself to cruise under furniture, and still pick up every spec of dirt on your floor.

It has a camera on board to give you a view of where it is and what it is cleaning, and the 30W Jet Cyclone system and self-cleaning brush will pick up the dirt on your floor and even trap the dust in the air. When it’s done it will go back to its Clean Station to self-empty its dust bin, and you only have to replace the bag in the bin once every few months.

SmartThings Pet and Jetbot will watch over your pets

SmartThings Pet CES 2021

While it’s been hard on all of us to stay home this past year, no one can deny that our pets have really benefited from life lived at home. As things evolve and we spend more time away from home, we’ll want to keep a close eye on our cats and dogs. That’s why it’s so amazing that the Jetbot 90 AI+ does more than clean your floors. It can actually keep an eye on your pets.

When paired with SmartThings Pet, your Jetbot 90 AI+ becomes a rolling pet care service. Utilizing the AI technology in the robot vacuum, you can turn on HomeAlone mode and your Jetbot 90 AI+ will cruise your home with the camera on to check in on your cats and dogs. Pair SmartThings with other smart home devices like pet feeders, thermostats, or your TV, and you can use it to control everything and create the perfect atmosphere for your pet when you aren’t home.

Samsung’s goal is to simplify life using AI-powered appliances and create a fully connected smart home that works together in a seamless way. After seeing what they have to offer at CES 2021, I’m so excited for what’s to come this year.

Samsung Bot Handy


Last, but definitely not least, Samsung showcased the Samsung Bot Handy. Handy is a useful little guy who rolls around your home and helps you out where you need it. He’s a tall black and white robot with expressive eyes, a long arm that mimics a human arm with three-point pivoting, and a hand with clamp that can pick things up.

Bot Handy will be able to do everything from pour you a glass of wine to fill your dishwasher. If you work from home he can be your personal assistant too, and he’ll roll up to you and open up a screen if you have a Zoom call planned. While he’s not ready to ship right now, he’s definitely something to look forward to from Samsung.

Take a look at all of our coverage of CES 2021 on Best Buy right now, and keep an eye on Samsung as they launch these amazing appliances later this year.

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