Shopping for appliances is one of my favourite things, and there’s always so much to consider when you’re first taking a peek at what’s out there. If you haven’t shopped for major appliances in years, it can be really fun, because technology has advanced to the point where fridges keep food fresher longer, stoves cook food more efficiently, and washer and dryers effortlessly make your clothes whiter, brighter, and cleaner than ever.

So if you’re wondering how to go from from admiring a new fridge online to having it appear in your kitchen, read on, because this quick guide to preparing for a major appliance delivery is for you:

Start by asking yourself a few questions

A good starting point when appliance shopping is to ask yourself, “What do I like about my current appliance?” Then ask yourself, “What do I like least about my current appliance?” You might think you have no idea what you’re looking for when you first set out, but odds the list you’re writing will be pretty detailed. Maybe you want to be able to fit a couple lunch kits in the fridge without having to rearrange a shelf. Or, you want your new range to have a convection setting or two separate ovens, because you don’t like how you struggle to cook a big dinner with just one.

Make sure you have measurements in hand, because your new appliance will need to fit into the space you have.

Scheduling your delivery

Once you’ve selected your appliances, it’s time to move onto delivery. The idea of lugging a stove up your set of stairs is probably not something you’d consider fun, and that’s why our professional installers at Best Buy are ready to take care of everything for you. They’ll deliver and set up your new appliance after disconnecting your old appliance, and they’ll make sure it’s working before they leave.

Everything will be installed according to local codes and regulations too, so all you’ll have to do is turn it on and enjoy. Occasionally there will be extra parts required to install your new appliance or you may need a gas permit to install a gas stove, so be sure to ask Best Buy’s Product Experts when you purchase your installation package.

The low down on delivery

The anticipation is killing you and it’s almost delivery day (which in my mind, can feel a lot like Christmas), so what can you expect when your appliances are delivered?

  • A quick confirmation call the day before delivery so you’ll know what time window the appliances will be delivered.
  • Your professional installers will walkthrough your home to confirm access to the area your appliance will be in, and they’ll make sure there are no obstacles to safely delivering your item or items.
  • They’ll use carpet runners, booties, or blankets to protect your floors and walls.
  • Move in of your new appliance and relocation of your old appliance to another room. If you’ve requested and paid for recycling, they’ll remove the appliance for you.
  • Fully connect your washer and dryer unless gas, carpentry, or electric work is required. That includes water hookup, vent connection, leveling, and testing the water hoses to ensure they work.
  • Fully connect a fridge or stove and ensure they are level (no more lopsided cakes!)
  • Remove all packaging and ensure the area is as clean as when they arrived.

If it sounds stress-free, that’s because it is.  If you have any questions or concerns after your new appliance is installed, you can call Best Buy at 1-866-585-4494 and they’ll walk you set up or trouble shoot any technical problems. If you have a warranty or Product Service Plan, they’ll also set up a visit with a technician should you be in need.

Getting your house ready for an appliance delivery

Although Best Buy’s professional installers will take care of everything when it comes to delivering your appliance, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home for delivery:

  • Clear your hallway or stairs of obstacles. If you feel as though a door will need to be removed to gain entry, remove it before delivery.
  • Have someone who is 18 years old or older present at all times.
  • Disconnect the venting or hosing from your old appliance and ensure you have the necessary hosing or stacking kits for washers and the proper ventilation hosing for dryers.
  • Hang onto all shipping bolts in case you need to return your appliances.
  • Inspect the product and your home prior to signing off on your new appliance.

Shopping for appliances is so much fun, and a new appliance purchase is something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Make sure everything is installed right the first time by adding on an installation package to your purchase. Then, all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your all the bells and whistles on your new appliances.

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Shelly Wutke
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