Kitchen appliances are now available at Best Buy. Take advantage of the selection of Samsung refrigerators to re-decorate your kitchen. Below are some unique Samsung features and three great fridges to update any kitchen at any price point!

A unique feature of the three Samsung fridges is the Twin Cooling System- it’s guaranteed to keep your food fresh by using two evaporators and one compressor. Traditionally, refrigerators have lower than ideal humidity because the dry air from the freezer mixes with the air from the refrigerator, lowering the humidity. By using two evaporators, the system is able to accurately control the humidity of the fridge and freezer independently keeping your food fresher longer. This separation of temperature control system stops odors from transferring from one compartment to the other.

The freezers in these Samsung refrigerators are also equipped with a Frost Free Defrost System. If you have an older freezer you will have witnessed the inches and inches of ice that can build up on the sides of the freezer over time. In a frost free system, there are heating coils that turn on periodically to warm up the system and stop any ice from forming inthe freezer

Samsung 18 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator
This 18 cubic feet refrigerator is available in stainless steel and is split into a 12.1 cubic fresh food compartment on the top and a 5.7 cubic feet freezer on the bottom. The inside of the fresh food compartment has a simple design with two shelves, a deli drawer and a fruit & vegetable crisper. The freezer contains two crisper style drawers, has a swing-out door design and uses frost free defrost system. 

Samsung 22 Cu. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

At almost 6 feet in height, this is one of the biggest models Samsung offers. With more than 14 cubic feet of fresh food capacity and almost 8 feet of freezer space, it also has lots of space for great features! You can even stay hydrated with the water filtration and ice dispenser located on one of the front double doors.

The fresh food side has four sturdy glass shelves and both sides have two fruit & vegetable humidity controlled drawers with a top crisper drawer. The freezer contains another four shelves and two drawers for storing food for the long term.

Samsung 24.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator )

This model has both a high quality design and features. It is designed to fit completely flushwith a standard kitchen counter and has a sleek stainless steel finish. The fresh food compartment has a French door design complete with a water and ice dispenser, three glass shelves, and two fruit & vegetable crisper drawers.





The freezer is a pullout drawer design with two pullout baskets within to organize your frozen food. This model also has a unique feature – the Flex Zone storage drawer has temperature control on the front allowing you to adjust the amount of cold air circulating solely within the drawer. This temperature control makes it ideal for storing party snacks, fish or meats at the perfect temperature.



These are just three models picked from the huge selection of Samsung refrigerators, some available now, with more soon to arrive at Best Buy. Because Samsung models are equipped with the Twin Cooling System and Frost Free defrost system, these high quality systems will guarantee that your food stays fresher longer!

Lucy Woodhead
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