So: it’s time. You’re in your dream house, with your dream spouse, but there’s a little hitch… you have a major appliance that just isn’t up to par. Maybe it’s an old dishwasher that doesn’t get your dishes quite clean, or a fridge from the ’90s that can’t filter your water for you. (Maybe it’s a beautiful new washing machine that should be perfect but always stretches your clothes out, like mine!)

Never fear: the Best Buy Blog is here to help.

Here are three tips (plus a cheeky extra at the end) on how to shop for your new major appliance at Best Buy. Appliances are big purchases, so they deserve a little extra care. Not only are they usually investments, but they’re things you’re going to interact with on a very regular basis for years. Why not spend a little extra time to get the range of your dreams and shave minutes off of your cooking time every single day for the next ten years?

1. Measure accurately

Like in home renovations, the most important first step of buying a new appliance is to measure accurately! Or as I like to call it: measure once. Measure twice. Measure five times if you really want to; there’s never too many times.

Make sure to use a tape measure to get the exact proportions of your current appliance (eyeballing it is not good enough), and look for something of that size. You’ll be surprised what changes in different appliances – even fridges aren’t always the same depth, so check every dimension before you buy.

2. Narrow down your major appliance options

When you’re shopping at Best Buy, you can use the facets on the left hand side of your screen to narrow down your appliance options. Use them to narrow down the style of appliance that you want (for instance, only refrigerators with French doors), then select for brand, price, counter depth, and more.

3. Use the comparison tool

Once you have a few options for your new major appliance in mind, you can use Best Buy’s comparison tool to choose which one you want to add to your home. Check the “compare” box beneath the items that you’re interested in, and then click any of the “compare” buttons below when you’re ready.

This lets you compare specs and ratings for different items, and you can even compare between brands. Click “remove” at the bottom of the page to narrow down your selection, and “add to cart” at the top once you’ve found the one that’s right for you.

+1 Read the reviews!

One of the great things about buying a major appliance online is that you have instant access to Best Buy’s wide selection of product reviews. You can instantly find out how popular an item is (based on the number of reviews), as well as how many people have been happy with it (based on the average number of stars).

If you’re looking for something specific that isn’t listed in the product description, that info is often hidden in a great review. Look first for the item’s star breakdowns, then start reading for information: things like how long wash cycles are, if an induction cooktop can be heard, or whether or not a bottom freezer drawer rolls out smoothly.

Now go fourth, take these three tips (and the bonus one), and shop for your dream major appliance online at Best Buy!