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The kitchen is the heart of most modern family homes. So if you’re in your dream house and there’s a major appliance in your kitchen that doesn’t fit what you’re looking for… Chances are, you’re going to want to replace it as soon as possible. Maybe it’s an old dishwasher that doesn’t match the rest of your set, or a fridge from the ’90s that can’t filter your water for you. Or maybe it’s outside of your kitchen, and it’s something like a leaky washing machine or a dryer that leaves your towels damp.

No matter what the issue is, there’s a way to fix it. I promise!

Here are five tips to help you shop for a new major appliance at Best Buy. Appliances are big purchases, so they deserve a little extra care. Not only are they a big investment, but they’re something you’re going to interact with on a regular basis for years. Certain major appliances (like high-end furnaces) are expected to last for up to 35 years, so why not spend a little extra time to get the perfect one for your home?

1. Measure accurately

Just like in home renovations, the most important first step of buying a new appliance is to measure accurately. You know the saying “measure twice, cut once” for home renos and woodworking? Well, I like to tackle appliances with more of a “measure once, measure twice, measure five times if you want to, because there’s no such thing as too many times” approach.

Make sure to use a tape measure to get the exact proportions of your current appliance (eyeballing it is not good enough), and look for something of that size if it’s working well in your space. You’ll be surprised what changes in different appliances: there is no true standard size for any appliance. Kitchen appliances in particular vary in height, width, and depth, so make sure that you’re taking three measurements for every space before you purchase.

How to narrow down your major appliance options at Best Buy

2. Narrow down your major appliance options

When you’re shopping at Best Buy, you can use the facets on the left hand side of your screen to narrow down your appliance options. Use them to narrow down the style of appliance that you want (for instance, Major Appliances > Refrigerators > French Door Refrigerators > 39-32.9 inches wide), then select for additional aspects like brand, price, counter depth, customer rating, and smart features.

You can also narrow your major appliance options by seller. Toggle the “Best Buy Only” option at the top of every product search to see only results that are sold and shipped by Best Buy.

To quickly broaden your search options, click on any of the cascading categories at the top of the page.

How to unfilter search results at Best Buy

3. Check for parts and accessories that need to be purchased separately

Some major appliances come with major appliance accessories and parts that need to be purchased separately. This can include items like washer hoses, water filters, and laundry pedestals. Make sure you check for additional parts or accessories when you’re making your purchase so that you’re ready to set it up as soon as it arrives!

4. Read reviews for your major appliances

One of the great things about buying a major appliance online is that you have instant access to Best Buy’s wide selection of product reviews and Q&As. It’s tough to tell which appliances are going to be durable and easy to use in-store, but online, you can find out how popular an item is (based on the number of reviews it has), if the brand has released newer or similar models in the same line, and how happy people seem to be with their purchases.

One caveat about reviews is that not all reviews are high-quality. For a big purchase like that of a major appliance, I recommend reading reviews critically. It will take some time, but it tends to pay off in the end. Some signs that reviews are not trustworthy include:

  • A star rating but no written review.
  • A written review that criticizes the product for not having features it does not promise to have.
  • Negative reviews that are due to user error (such as buying the wrong size of appliance, installing the appliance incorrectly, or using it for purposes not recommended by the manufacturer).

A well-written review can be a treasure trove of information, whether it’s written by bloggers on the Best Buy Blog or by shoppers like you. Great reviews for major appliances often include information like:

  • What users love most about an appliance.
  • How well small parts such as gears and wheels within an appliance work.
  • How long the appliance has lasted them so far, or how long their last appliance from the same brand lasted.
  • What the user experience of the product is like: this includes things like sound level and ease of cleaning.

Common Questions at Best Buy

5. Look for common questions on the product page

If you’re looking for specific information that isn’t covered in the reviews or product specifications for an item, a great place to look for it is in the “Common Questions” section of the product page. These are questions asked by other shoppers, and are answered by shoppers, brand representatives, and Best Buy employees.

Best Buy’s Common Questions section includes questions and answers from both the Canadian and American Best Buy sites, which means that there’s often a much wider base of information than you might expect. I like to check this section for user experience questions that aren’t covered in any reviews—questions like whether or not you can turn the button sound off on an appliance, which I just love finding. If you’ve never had a microwave oven that you can turn the sound off on, you’re missing out!

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Now that you have a firm grasp on these five tips to follow in order to find the perfect major appliance for your home, you’re ready to select your own. Make sure that you measure accurately and sort your products. Then, before you purchase, check for parts that are sold separately, look for product reviews, and check those Common Questions sections to learn more about the product’s user experience.

Shop for your dream major appliance online at Best Buy today. 

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