LG WashTower CES 2021

LG announced so many great new appliances at their keynote for virtual CES 2021 today. The company’s latest appliance innovations offer you the power to make your home a multi-dimensional space where you can live, work, and play, all in a more comfortable, convenient way. They’ve also put a strong focus on keeping your home cleaner than ever, and they’ve added unique germ-fighting technologies to their LG InstaView refrigerator and a hands-free way of cleaning dust from your vacuum cleaner.

Here is what LG announced for appliances at CES 2021.

Reimagined LG side-by-side Instaview refrigerator

LG Side by Side InstaView

The French door fridge has been incredibly popular over the past decade. If you’ve thought side by side refrigerators are a bit old school in comparison, the latest side-by-side from LG invites you to think again. The LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator is a newly reimagined side-by-side refrigerator with a very sleek and clean aesthetic, but the most eye-catching feature on it is the extra-large InstaView window. It’s 23% larger than the InstaView window on other LG refrigerators, and all you have to do is knock twice and you’ll see your favourite food and beverages without opening the main doors.

LG Side By Side InstaView Refrigerator

The interior of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator has stainless steel accents so your shelves look great while helping to maintain cool temperatures. The advanced linear cooling system keeps your food fresh and crisp, and there is more usable freezer space because the in-door ice maker is very slim.

Speaking of ice, the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator gives you three ways to dispense ice. You can dispense two kinds of ice right in the door, and you’ll have access to amazing round craft ice that’s made automatically in your freezer.

To keep your drinking water safe LG has built their advanced cleaning technology into the water dispenser. It refreshes the water nozzle automatically and eliminates bacteria using UV light.

LG InstaView range

LG-Air-Sous-Vide InstaView Range

The LG InstaView Range is so feature-packed it will take you a while to work your way through all of the functions. It’s a 6.3 cu.ft. range that’s available in gas or electric, and it’s a slide-in so it flows seamlessly with your cabinets.

For style points, the InstaView oven panel lights up the interior with two knocks and there are also LED-illuminated knobs. Smart features include voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and LG has partnered with different recipe services including SideChef and Innit to guide you through different recipe options. There’s even a scan to cook function that lets you perfectly heat frozen meals from Kraft, Heinz, and Nestle.

While you’ll love ProBake Convection, there are two other features on this range that give you the power to cook more than you thought possible. The LG InstaView Range has Air Fry built in so you can cook crispy, delicious food without adding excess oil. It also has Air Sous Vide technology. Instead of cooking your food in a water bath, LG Air Sous Vide lets you place your food inside vacuum-sealed bags and keeps the oven temperature between 100 – 205 degrees F for up to 48 hours.

LG PuriCare line


Air purification has become more portable now that LG has announced additions to the LG PuriCare Line. Most notable is the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It’s a mask-style air purifier you can wear anywhere, and it offers two H13 HEPA filters, Dual Fans, and a patented Respiratory Sensor to detect the cycle and volume of your breath. It makes breathing in a mask easy as it adjusts the fans to speed up or slow down based on your intake.

It’s comfortable to wear too, and it fits snugly to minimize air leakage. The battery offers up to eight hours in low mode and two hours in high. When you’re not wearing it you can charge it in the case, and the case has UV-LED lights to kill germs.

The LG PuriCare Mini was also announced at CES 2021. This portable air purifier is the perfect size to take along with you everywhere you go, and you can place it on your desk while working, take it in your car, or put it in your child’s stroller. It has a built-in battery that offers up to 8 hours of battery life.

LG WashTower

LG Wash Tower

The LG WashTower will add style to your laundry room, and it has the added bonus of being an all-in-one unit. It has a washer on the bottom and a dryer on the top, and the space-saving design is powered by a Center Control panel right in the middle. It displays controls for the washer and the dryer.

Your clothes will be protected while washing with advanced garment care and Turbo Wash 360 mode will wash your clothes in less than half-hour. It also features AI, using sensors to detect what type of clothing, bedding, or towels are in the machine and adjusting the cycle to ensure everything comes out clean and fresh. It remembers your favourite cycles and stores them for both washer and dryer, and you can use the LG app to turn your machines off and on or get a notification when the load is complete.

LG CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor stick vacuum

LG-CordZero CES 2021

The latest LG stick vacuum is on display at the all-virtual CES 2021 and it’s definitely a new take on the standard stick vacuum. The vacuum switches from a vacuum to a mop just by changing the attachments, and it has a Power Carpet Nozzle, two battery packs, and washable filters.

The charging station features a fully-automated dust removal system. It empties the vacuum itself by sucking whatever is in the dust bin straight into the stand. The dust is collected in a bag you can take out and dispose of, and the vacuum charges while it’s stored on the stand.

What do you think of the LG appliance lineup for CES 2021? I’m really excited to see the LG InstaView range in person. I think having a range with Air Fry, Sous Vide, and Convection will let you cook up almost anything you can think of, and I love how it integrates with recipe services to give you more ideas for dinner and beyond.

Take a look at all of our coverage at the virtual CES 2021 for LG and other big brands, and watch for these LG appliances to launch sometime this year.

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