Cozy home mainThis past week here on the West Coast we’ve had some cold days, beautiful and sunny, but crispy. There’s nothing I love more on those days then to go for a brisk walk with the dog and then head inside for a hot drink by the fire and a snuggle under a fuzzy blanket. It’s funny how the change in weather and turning on the heater at home makes me get into holiday mode. It’s time to start shopping for my family and friends and today I’m taking a look at great home gifts to make your loved ones feel cozy this winter.

Electric blankets

electric blanketThere is something so soothing and comforting about the heat given off by an electric blanket. They offer multiple heat settings which allows you to adjust to your comfort level. Turning it on max heat to warm the bed up before getting in is my favourite thing about them. Some may have timers you can set so you can fall asleep nice and cozy but not get woken up overheating and sweaty. They come in a variety of sizes and fabrics depending on your needs.

I personally use a plush throw style because I love the softness of the fabric. You may also want to buy more than one for any other family members or you’ll be fighting over it for sure, I learnt this the hard way as my kids assume what’s mine is theirs.

A weighted blanket

weighted blanketAn alternative to an electric blanket is a weighted blanket. For myself, once the weather has changed and is cool and crisp, I love the feel of a heavy duvet or blanket on me when I sleep. They’re also said to help with many things such as insomnia, autism, stress and anxiety, pain, overall sleep quality and more. They come in a variety of sizes and you purchase them depending on your own body weight. You’ll be able to find a chart online to help you purchase the required or suggested weight needed.

While they’re not for everyone, I suggest reading more about them if you feel like you or someone you love might enjoy one.

Hot drinks to keep you cozy

kettleNow that you’re cozy under your blanket you need a hot drink to warm your insides. Depending on who you’re shopping for this holiday season, there’s the perfect drink maker out there.

You can go with a coffee maker, a multi-use coffee maker, an espresso machine or just a really nice kettle. Alternatively, if they already have one of these, a milk frother or some beautiful mugs would make a lovely gift.

Board games to entertain

Board games monolopyBoard games are one form of entertainment that never gets old and with such a huge variety available, they’re fun for all ages and abilities. I grew up on board games as we weren’t allowed to watch much T.V. and video games were a no go too. I may be telling my age here but some of my favourites growing up were Clue, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit and of course Uno. Now, many of the classics have a new twist to them and you can find some cool ones with apps.

Board games are a great way to bring people together for some good old fashioned quality time.

eReaders for endless books

KindleWhile I still love holding a book in my hands and flipping the pages, I also love my Kindle. You can sit cozied up and binge your favourite authors latest novel and without moving find your next must read. eReaders are light and easy to hold and the non-glare screens make them easy to read in any light. There are more than plenty of books to choose from and the convenience of having new releases downloaded right when they come out without leaving the comfort of your home is a main feature. They’re also a great family gift as well as it can easily be shared with other family members.

A cozy fireplace

electric fireplaceWhile most homes have fireplaces these days, many suites or bedrooms may not have them, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did? There are some really cool and modern electric fireplaces available and they would be a welcome gift. There’s the typical insert style but there’s also some that look like an art piece or are built-in to a T.V. stand.

Sometimes it’s not even about the heat being given off but just the coziness of sitting by a fire which is nice.

A puzzle

puzzleNot everyone is a board or card game enthusiast, and a great alternative is puzzles.

They’re a perfect cozy day activity and will entertain the whole family as you can choose puzzles with a variety of number of pieces. I also love the idea of having a family puzzle out on the coffee table that everyone just chips away at until it’s completed.

Throw pillows

throw pillowsThrow pillows are a great cozy home gift as they’re easily customizable to suit any décor and can be changed out with the seasons to be festive. You can buy the whole pillow or just the pillow cover to use over already owned pillows. If you live somewhere with notable seasons, it’s nice to change your décor tones to suit the season. So many people love to decorate for the upcoming holidays so why not add in some festive throw pillows too to liven up the space. I’m a huge fan of holiday colours, prints and plaids and holiday décor can be enjoyed well before the day off and into the new year.

An oil diffuser

diffuserI love the versatility of an oil diffuser. With the variety of oils available you can easily find a scent you love or even mix a few to find the perfect blend. They smell wonderful and aren’t full of chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. You can even make a seasonal blend that will make your house smell like the holidays. Because essential oils can affect your health it’s always a good idea to read up on them before using them safely. I also like to use them in open spaces as just a few drops go a long way.


candlesCandles are always a lovely gift to give and they’re a great host or hostess gift when visiting someone’s home for a get together or meal. You can find some beautiful candles in decorative glass jars in a variety of unique and delicious smelling scents or you can purchase separate candles and a candle holder.

Lit candles on a cozy day at home offer ambiance and the aromas can put you in the festive spirit.


You can find these and other great gift ideas to make your home cozy this winter at Best Buy online.

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