Samsung Bespoke refrigerators
Samsung Bespoke refrigerators at CES 2023

Large appliances are essential items in the home: they are among the most important products to secure before moving into a new home, or to replace should they no longer be working. But today, products like refrigerators, ovens, and washers and dryers aren’t just functional: they are aesthetically beautiful, smart products that add value to the home and your daily life in more ways than one. And at CES 2023, there are some exciting innovations being introduced for the next wave of large appliances.

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TCL kitchen

Personalization and Customization

Both LG and Samsung are focusing on personalization and customization with their appliances. For Samsung, that includes a growing selection of models in its Bespoke line (read more details about the new Samsung appliances here), ranging from refrigerators to ranges, dishwashers, laundry pairs, and more. The Bespoke line includes swappable front panels of different colours and finishes so you get a truly customized look in the kitchen or other room of the home.

LG is taking this concept a step further with the introduction of appliances like the LG MoodUP refrigerator (read more details about the new LG appliances here) that includes colour changing panels, controlled through an app. First unveiled at IFA in Berlin in September 2022, the LG MoodUP refrigerator is being shown at CES 2023 with a new crimson red colour option that was developed in collaborations with the Pantone Colour Institute. The hue, specifically called Viva Magenta, was named the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023.


But customers who opt for the LG MoodUP refrigerator can choose from a variety of colours and change things up on the fly based on the setting, mood, or even event (think sports teams colours, holidays, birthdays, romantic dinners, and more). In total, there are 23 colour options for the upper door panel. With the 4-Door French door model, there are more than 190,000 possible colour combinations from which to choose. Control the LED colour-changeable door panel lights using the LG ThinQ app.

Smart integration and energy savings

Samsung SmartThings energy savings

Smart appliances are also a theme this year, with connected appliances that can be remotely controlled and/or monitored through a mobile app. LG is launching its line of “ThinQ Up Appliances,” which include refrigerators, washers, dryers, oven ranges, and dishwashers, all of which can leverage new features and functions through an app update.

Rolling out to the U.S. starting in March with other markets to follow (presumably also including Canada), LG ThinQ Up will come in the form of a software update for compatible appliances in the line-up, while some will also include hardware add-ons. For compatible dryers, for example, a new LG ThinQ Up feature will be Laundry Saver Mode that will keep the drum tumbling after a cycle has finished in case you can’t get to it right away. This will help prevent both wrinkles and odours.

LG MoodUp

For ThinQ Up compatible refrigerators, meanwhile, a new addition will be Improved Nighttime Brightness Control, which makes the interior lighting softer during the night-time hours so it doesn’t overwhelm if you get up for a midnight snack or glass of water. All the new software features, where available, can be optionally downloaded from the LG ThinQ app once available.

Samsung is focusing on SmartThings connectivity throughout its entire line of products, including appliances and beyond. For appliances, you can leverage SmartThings to do things like monitor a cook, see the status of a wash, communicate with a smart fridge, and more. SmartThings also allows for energy savings by allowing you to monitor how much energy your appliances (and other SmartThings enabled devices) are consuming and make adjustments accordingly.

The intelligence goes beyond this app, however, with appliances like the Samsung Bespoke AI oven that can recognize dishes, set specific cooking modes including temperature and time, and even alert you when the cook is done. There’s even an internal camera that can recommend the right cooking time for common dishes. With appliances like washing machines, there’s intelligent AI technology that will adjust the cycle and work to save water and energy.

The smarts can be simple, too, such as the new Hisense slide-in gas range that has a Fast-Preheat feature, built-in Air Fry mode, and other smart modes like dehydration, pizza bake, keep warm, bread proofing, roasting, and frozen bake.

LG Shoe stylerBeyond the usual

Both Samsung and LG are offering appliances designed for shoe care. Place the shoes inside, run a cycle, and it will deodorize, sanitize, and remove bacteria from your favourite pair of kicks.

Samsung’s device features a Xenon UV light and can fit up to three pairs of shoes, but you can also use it for tall boots, boxing gloves, ski boots, and other common footwear or accessories.

LG’s Styler ShoeCase, which joins its clothing Styler that was introduced a few years ago, has a 2.4-inch LCD for selecting the cleaning mode and time. It boasts LG ThinQ as well for remote control from a smartphone app along with temperature controls. Inside, the unit monitors humidity to ensure it never goes below 55%. Add more cases for additional shoes as needed.

While not unusual, wine fridges are in abundance at the show, with models from companies like Samsung with its model that has three temperature zone settings and even a screen that shows the recommended temperature for different types. The Hisense wine fridgeSommelier at Home feature will even communicate with SmartThings cooking to recommend the perfect food to pair with a wine you have on hand, yet another way the connected whole-home experience is a central theme with appliances this year.

Hisense also has a new dual zone wine and beverage cooler that can run at two different temperatures for keeping reds and whites both perfectly chilled. Another is TCL that launched a new wine and beverage cooler at the show.

From beautiful styling to connected appliances, compact designs, unique offerings, and intuitive features, there’s a lot of exciting things to come with appliances in 2023.

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