LG TWINWash washer and dryer CES 2019

I love doing laundry, said no one ever. LG seems to understand this. They’ve just launched a new large-capacity LG TWINWash washer and dryer at CES 2019. Not only is this laundry pair smart, when you use available washing and drying options together you can wash two loads at once while gently drying another.

The lowdown on the 27-inch LG TWINWash laundry pair

lg twinwash ces 2019The LG TWINWash washer and dryer are ultra-large capacity. Featured at CES 2019 was a 27-inch LG TWINWash front-loaded and a Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryer. That Heat Pump uses a lower drying temperature to save on your heating bill. At the same time, low temperature drying prevents your clothes from shrinking and keeps them looking fresh and new for longer.

The dryer also has LG’s intelligent technology, so you won’t even have to ponder which drying cycle is best. It will suggest the best setting to dry your clothes. It also has an Auto Cleaning Condenser to keep your condenser lint free. If you’ve ever crawled behind your dryer to remove a pile of lint that was affecting the appliance’s performance, you’ll love this feature.

The washing machine can handle large loads, and LG says it can easily wash a king-sized comforter and all of your bedding at one time. If that’s not enough space there’s also the SideKick unit underneath the washing machine.

The SideKick lets you wash another smaller load of laundry at the same time, and is perfect for delicate pieces of clothing. This laundry pair can also produce clean clothes in less time. Thanks to TurboWash™360°, you get five powerful jets to penetrate deep into fabrics.

Smart features on the LG TWINWash laundry pair

LG twinwash

How easy would it be if you could just call out to your washing machine and ask it to turn it on or off? Or, just tell it to stop if you forgot a sock and you want it to pause?  With the LG TWINWash washer and dryer, you can do exactly that.

LG TWINWash washer and dryer have Wi-Fi and LG’s SmartThinQ. They are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can use your smartphone and your favourite assistant to issue various commands to your washer and dryer.

LG’s SmartThinQ also lets you use the LG app to control your appliance, and you can troubleshoot any errors via the app too.

The LG Styler keeps your clothes fresh

LG-laundry-CES-2019-Best Buy Canada

Along with the TWINWash washer and dryer, the company showcased another interesting laundry addition: the LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door. This smart wardrobe is a CES 2019 Innovation Award winner, and with a built-in steamer and hangers that rotate, it will de-wrinkle and sanitize your clothes as they hang.

This device has LG’s TrueSteam technology to eliminate 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria found in your clothing. It also has moving hangers to remove odours and hot air to keep your clothes dry and free of wrinkles.

LG Laundry Styler

The LG Styler will reduce the amount of laundry you do by keeping the clothes you hang up fresh. If that’s not a welcome addition to any home, I don’t know what is.

What do you think of LG’s latest additions to the laundry room? Check out all of LG’s washer and dryer pairs available right now, and keep an eye here for more from LG and other coverage from the floor of CES 2019.

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