rsz_img_9467.jpgIt’s an overwhelming experience, but at the same time, it’s one of the coolest experiences in technology: checking out some of the massive tech giant’s booths at the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a dazzling display for the senses where you’re treated to all the newest and coolest technology, amazingly beautiful presentation space, and a dazzling array of displays you can’t ignore.
One of my first stops at day one of CES today was the Samsung booth. There’s so much to see, it’s not really possible to get to it all, or even list it, but I’ll do my best.


Gear up at Samsung
The first thing that drew my eye was a gorgeous horseshoe of wearable tech; featuring the Gear S2 smart watch. Laid out like jewelry in a store, the full line of watches was on display to touch, test and explore. The set up included Samsung’s new rose gold and platinum coloured watches as well as all the new accessories, and I was able to try the heart rate monitor, calendar and weather functions and swapping out the watch faces.

Experience the experimental

Near the watches I found another beautiful department store-style display; this time with rings and beautiful bracelets. Here Samsung was showing off a series of absolutely striking fitness trackers that looked like nothing in the athletic realm, and instead like gorgeous jewelry. These fitness bands/step counters/monitors are not yet in production, according to the gentleman I spoke to.  But he said, based on the overwhelming response they’d already had (this was the morning of the first day of the show!) he thought they’d be very likely to move forward with them.

samsung-smartwatch2.jpgAppliances you want in your home

I wrote about Samsung’s big announcements yesterday, but being able to see the new “Family Hub” refrigerators in action was something else. Gone are they days when your fridge stored groceries. In the Samsung world, your family calendar is displayed on the large 21-inch screen on the door, you can check when your food will expire without letting the cold air out, and of course your fridge keeps a running grocery list for you. Run out of milk? The Samsung refrigerator will have it ordered and at your door, probably before you notice. Never mind these appliances also play music on an external speaker and you can mirror your device so the fridge becomes a TV screen: today my mind was blown. And they’re available in what will surely be the next most coveted appliance decor item; dark/black stainless steel.

rsz_samsung_family_hub_fridge_ces_2016.jpg  samsung-fridge.jpg
Hands on the new Galaxy TabPro S

Another really cool device at the booth that I got to test was the new Windows 10-powered Galaxy TabPro S. This ultra slim and flat tablet (it weighs noting when you pick it up; great for students and commuters) has a detachable keyboard, an optional stylus and a standout 12-inch AMOLED display. It’s very easy to manipulate, but at the same time it feels high-end and durable.  It’s a really nice tablet package that’s sure to become really popular.

Clean your home while you’re away

The last futuristic must-have I added to my list was the Samsung PowerBot Turbo. This robot vacuum pairs with your smartphone, so you can use remote operation and scheduling to clean your carpet, floors and tile.

In all there were some pretty cool innovations from Samsung’s booth.  Being able to be there and go hands-on to test things really gives a good understanding of the new technology and how it can help you; from saving you time (robot vacuum, Wi-Fi grocery ordering) to saving you money (a front-load washing machine that lets you add forgotten items after the cycle is underway to save a second load) there are some pretty mind blowing things happening in tech right now. Keep an eye out over the next year to see what comes to market.

I’m at CES all week. Watch this space, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates from CES 2016 in 140 characters or less!

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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