While Electronic Arts is widely considered the king of the sports gaming mountain, it is perhaps 2K that puts out the most dazzling sports game every year.  Ever since it went through a huge overhaul in 2010, the NBA 2K series has been knocking sports gamers’ socks off with its release every fall. This fall promises to be no different with the release of NBA 2K15.

What sets the NBA 2K series apart from most others?  It’s simple: Massive growth and evolution during the last console generation. NBA 2K6-NBA 2K8 were extremely embryonic in nature. You basically went out and played what was a decent looking basketball game with a few nuts and bolts thrown in. Achievements for Xbox gamers were easy to come by, and there was nothing doing. NBA 2K9 and 2K10 showed some growth and were great in improving gameplay mechanics, but when EA took a break from basketball gaming, 2K really shone through.

From NBA 2K11 onward, the series has been less a game, and more of an experience. While the primary focus is still the basketball gaming itself, 2K has built a strong network behind it. Career modes are deep, as are statskeeping, and the game is constantly presented to you as though you’re watching an interactive experience of the NBA on NBC from back in the 90s. Even the in-game commercials for “upcoming” games have been neat experiences.

This year, 2K takes the leap forward with current NBA darling Kevin Durant. Durant’s game-changing abilities and humble attitude have made him one of the most fan-friendly players in all of pro sports, and his consistent play earned him top honors as the league’s MVP this season. Should Durant retire tomorrow, he’d do so with the 4th highest point per game average of all time.  Fortunately for NBA fans, he’s only 25. Fortunately for you, he’s this year’s cover athlete, and featured prominently in this year’s Pre-order bonus.

Pre-Order NBA 2K15 onine and get some big bonuses in-game, including:

5,000 Virtual Currency

Kevin Durant Throwback MyTEAM Card

Two MyTEAM Card Packs

MyPLAYER leg sleeves, inspired by Kevin Durant

The NBA 2K series provides a comprehensive, multi-faceted gaming experience for all basketball fans.  You can just pick up and play an exhibition game like the titles of old, play regular season and playoff modes, or play comprehensive Virtual Team (MyTEAM) or created player career (MyPLAYER) modes. The latter has become a big favourite of gamers, allowing you to take a created rookie player from draft onward to superstardom, working from the bench to starter. In previous iterations, you’ve basically started green and come off the bench for limited minutes. Your performance in-game is scored with a report card, and from that, and how you perform on the scoresheets, you’ll get virtual currency which you can use toward your player’s stat and uniform upgrades.  The addition of an immediate 5000 thanks to your pre-order will definitely give you a huge jump and give your budding superstar a massive push toward the starting lineup right away.


NBA 2K15 hits shelves on October 7th.  Pre-Order now!

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