Hisense Kitchen Suite

Hisense has several new appliances in the works for 2023, as revealed at the company’s CES 2023 booth. Called the 2023 Kitchen Suite, it includes new ranges, French door refrigerators, a dual-zone wine and beverage cooler, and more. Here, I’ll take a look at some of the highlights in terms of what’s coming soon as well as Hisense’s vision for the future of cooking.

Hisense HRM260N6PSEW four-door French door refrigerator

Hisense fridge

The new four-door French door refrigerator boasts a 26 cubic-foot capacity and comes finished in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. It has a pair of humidity drawers, sliding shelves, adjustable gallon storage bins, and Flexzone shelves. There’s also NSF-certified water filtration and LED lighting inside.

Hisense HFG3601CPS slide-in gas range

Sometimes, four burners just aren’t enough. That’s where ranges like the new Hisense slide-in gas range come in. It has six burners including one that is a dual ring power boil burner with 18,000 BTUs so you can avoid watching the pot intently, waiting for it to boil.

With a large 5.8 cubic-foot interior, it offers true convection thanks to circulated heat so you get faster and more even cooking. There are also cooking modes like Fast Preheat, Air Fry, Dehydration, and even Pizza Bake for those frozen pies on nights when you just don’t feel like making dinner.

Hisense’s vision for the future of cooking

Hisense future cooking

Speaking of cooking, Hisense also showed its vision for the future of cooking with a professional chef making everything from burgers with toasted buns to bacon wrapped shrimp and asparagus in the company’s new built-in oven (note: the shrimp was to die for). Not only could he bake two things at the same time, the oven also has intelligent settings for sensing common dishes like frozen pizza and cooking it at the right temperature. You can also monitor the cook from a smartphone app.

One of the coolest features of the oven, however, as noted by the chef as something he has never seen before, is that the oven door automatically opens an inch at the end of the cook to let steam out. Anyone who has opened a hot oven and forgotten to look away for the first second knows how beneficial this can be!

Meanwhile, he also showed us an oven with three different burner types, including induction, electric, and gas. For those who aren’t proficient cooks, Hisense is working on a small appliance that functions as a quick cooker for things like boxed mac and cheese: add water, dump the ingredients from the box inside, and the machine will do all the work. For kids and others who don’t bother reading instructions, it’s the perfect “dump and go” small kitchen appliance.

Hisense HUI6330XCUS dishwasher

Hisense dishwasher and wine fridge

Since dishwashers are typically found in a central area on the main level of the home, quiet operation is important. You get that with the new Hisense dishwasher, which operates at just 44dB. It comes with three racks and three spray arms. The energy efficient condensation drying system, meanwhile, offers an efficient clean.

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