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Today it's all about the robots, and specifically the ones that are great for entertaining your family. But these bots aren't just fun, they're also highly educational. Click through and read on if you'd like to learn more about a few fun robots that are always eager to entertain & educate.

Building your Smart Home doesn't have to be a costly up-front task. Yes, it's true that most gadgets will set you back over $100 at a time, but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither does your home. Without going in dollars and cents, I want to show you how to build a functioning smart home over time and how to determine what works best for your home.

Today, Nintendo made the huge announcement we've been waiting for: their next video game console is a 2-in-1 home/portable hybrid, and it's called Nintendo Switch. This revolutionary new device will connect to your TV for a powerful home console experience, and can instantly turn into a fully portable game system by connecting two controllers to the unit's body. Nintendo Switch gives you the freedom to play wherever you like, be it at home, at your friend's house, or anywhere in-between.

Robot vacuums are helpful all year, but they really dig in and do the job in the fall and winter when your floors are a mess. Here are a few reasons to put a robot vacuum on your must-haves for fall.

If you're looking for a new smartphone case for your iPhone 6, Android phone, or upcoming iPhone 7, here are 10 fashionable choices to get your hunt started.

Boosting the storage on your PC or laptop is one of the easiest upgrades and also has high bang for the buck. But if you have limited upgrade options, how do you choose between a super fast SSD and a high capacity hard drive? I’ll try to answer that question.

Finding an office handbag is no easy feat. Trust me, I've been on the hunt for the past few months. But then I found the Vince Camuto Tina Satchel. Read on to discover why it's perfect for the office.

There's a lot to be excited about this fall when it comes to your kitchen. Here are a few of the hottest kitchen trends for Fall 2016.

Dyson has a knack for taking a product you've always used and improving it so it feels brand new, and that's what they've done with the Dyson Humidifier. Here's a look at how it works.

Fall fashion has officially arrived, and while many anxiously await the season, others feel anxious trying to dress for the season. One of the biggest complaints I hear is an uneasiness when it comes to mixing neutrals. But today I'm showing you that it doesn't have to be hard, especially when you have a handbag to tie the entire look together. See how I styled my ultimate fall fashion accessory, the Vince Camuto Tina, with two very different, yet classic, colour combinations for the season I love most.

People are taking so many photographs nowadays, somewhere in the region of a trillion a year. But are we actually becoming better photographers? Today I'll give a simple piece of advice to help you find your inner photographer.

Join me today for a look at the VEX Robotics Construction Set - Robotic Arm. This set, which is a STEM learning toy, is a mechanical crane that you build yourself. It also actually works! If you'd like to learn all about this fun and educational kit, as well as see a brief video review in which I compare the VEX Robotic Arm to the VEX Robotics "HEXBUG" Spider that I reviewed 2 weeks ago, just click on through and start reading!

Come along as I consider a fun selection of smart home product ideas that will help you to make the most the various upcoming holidays. In today's blog I cover some excellent smart lighting options & explore a few fun ways that you can use them to decorate both for the current Halloween festivities & the upcoming Christmas season. If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, click on through & let the celebrations begin!

The FG800 acoustic guitar is a new offering from Yamaha that features a traditional western body style and in perhaps its greatest feature, has a solid spruce top. Best Buy just sent one to me for this review, so read on to find out why I liked this guitar.

I received a few different Yamaha guitars from Best Buy including the FG800 and FG820. Read all about the FG820 in this article, and watch my video to see hear how it sounds.

Smart Homes are becoming easier than ever to set up, thanks to the different platforms available that allow all your connected devices to work and communicate together. In previous blogs of this Smart Home System Series, I looked at other home automation frameworks, such as Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave. In this edition, I’ll tell you all about Google’s smart home tech, and what Works with Nest.

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