Garmin’s MARQ Gen 2 lineup of luxury smartwatches come in five variants with plenty of features if you’re looking to take it up a notch. These are high-end models that are as much about their looks and craftsmanship as they are about what they can actually do.

The five variants include the MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Golfer, MARQ Captain and MARQ Aviator. Not all of them necessarily carry the same focus, but they share certain characteristics. Each of them were built with Grade-5 titanium and AMOLED touchscreens protected by a domed sapphire crystal lens. They also come in 46mm sizes and battery life rated up to 16 days. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth round out a solid connectivity package. Needless to say, these are feature-packed watches aimed at professionals and serious enthusiasts.

What the MARQ Gen 2 can do

MARQ Athlete

As the name implies, the Athlete sports some rugged style points, like the titanium body and a perforated rubber strap to handle any workout. Garmin says it has all athletes in mind for this watch, but given its penchant for catering to runners, there are features ready to go on this one. PacePro analyzes changes in elevation when you apply it to a course in the Garmin Connect app, which then tells you when to adjust your pace based on inclines and declines along the way. Real-Time Stamina keeps track of how much energy you’re putting in to give you a better chance of completing that course.

The Athlete will track plenty of other exercises, so if you’re into cycling, swimming, skiing, cross-training, cardio, weight training, skiing, surfing, tennis or golf, among others, you can stay on track wearing the watch. Don’t leave out yoga and pilates because it covers those too.

MARQ Adventurer

The Adventurer looks to have it both ways, meaning it can fit right in for a casual setting or night out, as well as when you want to get active. That’s why it has a hybrid rubber and leather strap. If you fancy yourself a rock climb, ClimbPro will serve up information on peak, elevation and distance to make each climb both safe and fun. On top of that, there’s an Acclimation section to show elevation in relation to your heart rate, respiratory rate and pulse oximeter. Mind you, this watch isn’t just for climbing things with your hands. If you’re into hiking off the beaten track, there are topography features in the watch available.

Another of this watch’s signature features is the Jet Lag Advisor, an interesting mode that aims to reduce the effects of jet lag while travelling. When you enter your travel destination into the Connect app, the advisor keeps tabs on your body clock to recommend the best times to rest and recharge in order to adjust.

MARQ Golfer

The name says it all for this one, and Garmin’s been down this road before. The golf-focused watch already resembles a course because of its colour scheme, courtesy of the green strap made of nylon that kind of looks like grass. This watch comes with 42,000 golf courses already preloaded from across the globe, so it should fit right in no matter where you tee off. Additional features to expand on that include distances to almost any part of the green, plus notifications for hazards and wind conditions. Virtual Caddie covers even more, and the Golfer also comes with golf club sensors to track your swing and the clubs you need to use.

MARQ Captain 

If you like sailing boats, this might be the one for you. The Captain, which stands out on its own with its striped nylon strap, has a built-in Regatta Timer to better pinpoint movement and positioning, including during races. That’s also where the GPS comes in, if you’re looking for an edge in whatever marine competition you want to involve yourself in.

Alerts and Alarms is a notification system to warn of tide changes and anchor drag to help you know where you are and what to do in those situations. There’s also an autopilot feature to follow a route that also takes heading and pattern steering into account. Bear in mind, this watch is pretty broad when it comes to waterborne activity. If you like surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, dragon boat racing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding or canoeing, you’re going to be covered.

MARQ Aviator

This one also gives you a good idea what it’s about. Pilots and aviators can look to strap this one on their wrist. The ceramic bezel with 24-hour GMT around it looks nice with the titanium band, making this arguably the most luxurious of the set. When you wear it, it lets you set a waypoint in the aeronautical database or use Nearest to find a path to an airport nearby. You can also use GPS on the ground to navigate to any location.

While in the air, though, you can set a minimum crosswind and flight condition to fly out at the most optimal time. It’s also possible to see NEXRAD radar on top of the route to also see weather from a variety of key metrics for the ultimate in aviation preparation and safety. The Jet Lag Advisor also comes into play here to help get used to time differences.

Ready when you are

I saw these watches firsthand at CES 2023 in Las Vegas and they certainly exude luxury. They are also on the bigger side at 46mm if you feel your wrists aren’t thick enough, so there is that to consider as well. Each MARQ Gen 2 watch has a focus it aims for, though some of the features span the entire lineup. Whichever one you’ve got your eye on, be sure to look closely at what the features are. They are extensive for all five.

You can look for yourself by starting right here. Pre-order the MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Golfer, MARQ Captain or MARQ Aviator now at Best Buy.

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