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The Fitbit Charge is a robust fitness tracker that emphasizes heart health—and it’s getting an update for 2023. The new Fitbit Charge 6 (coming soon) officially launches on September 28th, 2023, and will be available soon at Best Buy.

Read on to find out what’s changing about the Fitbit Charge and why this launch should be on your radar.

Fitbit Charge 6 activity tracker

What are the features of the Fitbit Charge 6?

The Fitbit Charge 6 adds a haptic side button to the Charge 5. This follows in the footsteps of the recently-updated Fitbit Versa and Sense, which had physical buttons added to their design in 2022. Like the Charge 5, the 6 will be available in three colours—but they’re not the same three colours as past years. The 6 will come in Obsidian, Porcelain, and Coral. It’ll keep the same sleek design as previous iterations, sitting more slimly than a smartwatch and boasting sleek, curved edges.

Google acquired Fitbit in 2019, which means that the Change is the latest Fitbit model to get the “Google update.” That includes Google features like Google Maps and Google Pay for the ultimate in low-maintenance convenience. The Charge 6 also has Fitbit’s improved heart rate tracker and continues to support ECG data and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) monitoring. It’s compatible with devices including iOS, Android, Peloton, NordicTrack, Tonal, and Concept2. It features Zoom+Magnification (Fitbit’s first Accessibility feature), comes with six free months of Fitbit Premium, and is designed to work with the new, updated Fitbit app.

Fitbit app 2023

The Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker line

The Fitbit Charge is a line of fitness trackers that’s now on its sixth iteration. The original Charge tracker launched in November 2014, and new versions have continued to be released since then. While the brand updated some of its other product lines (like the Sense, Versa, and Inspire) in 2022, the Fitbit Charge 5 was released in August 2021—so it was time for an update.

Fitbit has always used the Charge as their powerhouse fitness tracker, and that hasn’t changed. The Charge has reliably been on the pricier end of the brand’s non-smartwatch fitness trackers, with more features and functionality than their other product lines. Some of the features of the Charge that set it apart from other Fitbit fitness trackers include its built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, its ECG app, and skin temperature variability reporting. The Charge also includes some convenient, smartwatch-like features that Fitbit’s other fitness tracker models do not, like Fitbit Pay/Google Pay.

Fitbit Charge 6

What’s the difference between a Fitbit Fitness Tracker and a Fitbit Smartwatch?

The main difference between Fitbit’s fitness tracker and smartwatch designs is their priority. The fitness trackers prioritize workout stats like your step count, heart rate, and breathing rate, while the smartwatches prioritize your stress levels, sleep quality, and push notifications. Smartwatches are also more powerful, with standalone functionality—that is, Fitbit’s smartwatches work better without your phone than their fitness trackers do. Both are great product categories with plenty of benefits.

A fitness tracker like the Charge 6 will be slimmer and lighter, as well as more affordable than a Fitbit smartwatch. The brand’s smartwatches, on the other hand, add features like on-wrist calling and built-in Alexa voice control. If you’re looking for a more powerful, watch-style device with a large display, opt for one of the brand’s smartwatches. If you want to focus on your workouts without any distractions (but with great in-app reporting on your workouts and activity levels,) try something like the new Charge 6.

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  1. Elegant Design and Presentation
    The Fitbit Charge 6 has a sleek and fashionable design that will go with any outfit. Its compact design and comfy strap make it a joy to wear all day. The gadget has a beautiful AMOLED display with crisp colors and great contrast, allowing you to read your fitness metrics, notifications, and other information even in bright sunshine.

    Fitness Monitoring
    The Fitbit Charge 6 is primarily a fitness tracker, and it succeeds at it. It keeps track of your daily steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Whether you’re walking, running, or cycling, the built-in GPS allows you to precisely trace your routes. During workouts, the heart rate sensor delivers real-time data, allowing you to modify your workout routines for better results.

    Sleep Monitoring
    Quality sleep is essential for overall health, and the Fitbit Charge 6 is your sleeping partner. It provides precise insights into your sleep patterns, including data on sleep stages (light, deep, and REM), duration, and sleep disruptions. With this information, you can make lifestyle changes to improve your sleep quality.

  2. Fitbit Charge 6’s main attributes are:

    Advanced Health Tracking: The Fitbit Charge 6 has many functions for keeping track of your health, including the ability to track your heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 levels. It offers perceptions into your general well-being.

    Built-in GPS: The built-in GPS is a distinguishing feature that enables you to track your outdoor activities more precisely without having to keep your smartphone close by.

    It can track different workouts and exercises, giving you real-time data on your progress and assisting you in setting fitness objectives.

    Color AMOLED Display: The Charge 6 has a colorful touchscreen display that is snappy and vivid, which is a substantial upgrade from its forerunners.


    Comprehensive Health Monitoring: The Charge 6 does a great job of monitoring your health, including heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 levels, allowing you to make the best choices for your wellbeing.

    Built-in GPS: This feature is useful for outdoor activities because it allows you to track your route and distance accurately without the use of a smartphone.

    Long Battery Life: You can use it for a long time between charges because to the long battery life.

    AMOLED display with color: The touchscreen is clear and user-friendly, making it simple to interact with the device and read your data.


    Price: In comparison to more affordable fitness trackers, the Fitbit Charge 6 might be very pricey.

    Check to see whether it works with your device as it may not be compatible with all smartphone operating systems.

    While it does provide notifications, it has a limited number of smart capabilities compared to more expensive watches.

    Size and Design: Compared to other fitness trackers or smartwatches, some users may find the size and design less appealing or comfortable.


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