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In a similar move made by Google earlier this week to bring Stadia to more screens, Xbox has announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming will also be coming to more screens soon. Learn more about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming.

Blockbusters on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

One of the best values in gaming is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It puts over 100+ titles at your fingertips. You get Microsoft’s first party blockbusters like Halo: Master Chief Collection, Gears of War 5 and Sea of Thieves along with many other must-play titles. Future Xbox Game Studios titles like Microsoft Flight SimulatorHalo Infinite and Perfect Dark will arrive day and date with their retail launch. Even big third-party titles like OutridersDirt 5 and MLB: The Show 21 have joined, or are slated to launch on Game Pass the same day as their retail debuts.

Breaking down the hardware barrier

To open up the world of gaming to an even larger audience, Xbox is working with global TV manufacturers to embed their cloud gaming experience internet-connected televisions. And, Xbox is making their own streaming devices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming that gamers on any TV or monitor can use. Furthermore, in the next few weeks, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming is coming to web browsers for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. With the click of a button, you’ll be able to play using Edge, Chrome and Safari.

Perhaps the most exciting news from Xbox is that they are in the final stages of updating their data centers around the world with Xbox Series X hardware. This means you’ll see faster load times, improved frame rates and experience Xbox Series X|S optimized games from virtually any device. Lastly, Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming is expanding later this year to include Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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  1. I think this is easily the biggest announcement of E3. Allowing GamePass on basically any device and cutting out the need for hardware instantly gives Microsoft an install base of practically everyone. From what I understand, Microsoft and Sony sell their consoles at a loss, at least in the first several years of a new console being released, in order to have these machines in people’s homes; these companies end up making all their money on subscriptions and game sales. If Microsoft can eventually skip out on having to sell consoles and simply charge a subscription fee, they can make way more money, giving them a massive leg up on Sony.

    I think the issue with this idea is that there are a lot of people who do not have good enough internet to run these games, as well being at the mercy of Microsoft’s servers; the more people who use this service, the more servers Microsoft is going to need. This has similar issues to the Stadia, where input lag can be a crushing barrier to this whole idea working.

    It seems like the whole industry is moving in this direction overall, but I cannot foresee a future where people will not want to have their games accessible to them offline in some capacity.

  2. Cloud gaming becoming more mainstream is a good thing – makes it somewhat more accessible – at least players don’t necessarily have to constantly chase after better hardware.

    Not all players would go for it though for sure. There are always compromises when it comes to cloud gaming.

  3. I think that with all of these companies adding cloud gaming options it’s time to upgrade my 5 Mbps internet!

  4. Xbox really wants people to be able to play anywhere, even if they don’t have an Xbox. I wonder if they’ll ever bring Game Pass Ultimate to PlayStation or Nintendo. It’s probably more a matter of those companies allowing it on their platforms, I think Microsoft would be all for it.

    Thanks Jon!

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