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Last September, Google announced several new products including the all new Chromecast with Google TV. This brand new and redesigned streaming device is the successor to the Chromecast Ultra and comes with it’s own dedicated remote. Surprisingly, the Chromecast with Google TV did not launch with Stadia support. Instead, Google announced that support for Stadia would come within the first half of 2021.

Today, the seemingly long wait ended. Google announced that support for Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV is right around the corner and is launching on June 23, 2021. Furthermore, Google also revealed that come June 23rd, you will also be able to play Stadia on compatible Android TV OS devices.

Officially supported Android TV OS devices on June 23

On June 23rd, you will be officially able to play Stadia on the following devices Android TV OS devices:

For launch, not all Android TV OS devices are officially supported. While Google is working on getting Stadia support for more Android TV OS devices, you can enable experimental support in the Stadia app to test it out. To play, all you need to do is install the Stadia app for the Play Store on your Android TV OS device and launch it.

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What controller do I need to play Stadia through Chromecast with Google TV?

When playing Stadia through your Chromecast with Google TV or other Android TV OS device, you’ll be able to use a Stadia controller or compatible Bluetooth controllers that you already own. Google will be putting out a new and updated list of compatible Bluetooth controllers that you will be able to use on Chromecast with Google TV and other Android TV OS devices.

In the meantime, below is a chart that shows you some of the compatible Bluetooth controllers that you can use to play Stadia.

Controller Bluetooth Compatible
DualShock 4 Yes
Xbox One Controller Yes
Xbox Adaptive Controller Yes
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Yes

Make sure to check back for an updated list of compatible Bluetooth controllers closer to Android TV OS launch on June 23,2021.

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Jon Scarr
Jon is the Gaming Editor and is based in Toronto. He is a proud Canadian who has a serious passion for gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry with over 20 years experience. You can often find Jon streaming the latest games on his YouTube channel. Jon loves to talk about gaming and tech, come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Threads @4ScarrsGaming and @4Scarrsgaming on Instagram.


  1. I think Stadia may be one of those cases where it is a good idea that is too ahead of the curve. Streaming video games is a lot different to streaming video as input and interactivity is the most important component to gaming; with servers being necessary to stream from, you are at the mercy of google and your internet connection. There are a lot of people who still have poor internet connections, speeds and data caps which limit who can use such a product and the competition with other, more established consoles that can play games offline, is an uphill battle.

    All this being said, internet will improve with time and allowing Stadia to be on Chromecast and other compatible Android TV OS devices instantly gives themselves a large install base. This may entice people who would never play a game, or do not feel like spending extra cash for a console, the incentive to try it out as it does not take any extra effort, it is right there. Allowing third party controllers that a lot of people have laying around is a good idea as it allows people to try the service without having to pay extra for a controller and people get to use the accessory that they prefer, an advantage over the established consoles.

    While I think this tech is a little too ahead of its time, this is an interesting experiment that could pay large dividends down the road.

    • That’s an interesting point. I wonder, if what you propose comes to pass, will it still be Google that reaps the benefits, or if someone else will maximize the potential of the interface?

  2. It’s interesting to see Google as the underdog trying to take a bite out of the market when I’m really not sure how much there’s left to share. Mind you, I’m not in their demographic at all with my country internet, or at the very least not while I’m on Game Pass. What’s your take, Jon, honestly: is Stadia destined to fizzle out like Google+?

  3. I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if Stadia is right for me, but I applaud the technology behind it.

    The more accessible developers can make games for people, the better, I say!

    Being able to play triple-A titles on an Android TV does sound tempting, however.

  4. I guess I’ll need to test out my new TV that came with Google TV. I wonder if it will work. Then all I’d need is a controller? Interesting.

    • You’ll be able to use pretty much any bluetooth enabled controller with it. You don’t have to use the Stadia controller.

  5. This is great information my Tv is pretty old so it is nice having these reviews so when I am ready to purchase a new one I will be well informed. thank you.

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