Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

The longstanding Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally debuting on the Nintendo Switch console. However, it may not be the title some fans would have predicted. The brand new rhythm-action game Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is coming not only to the Switch, but to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well sometime in 2020.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Sora’s new groove

Those familiar with the franchise know that Kingdom Hearts is a mash-up of original Square Enix characters and iconic Disney properties. Naturally Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory  continues the trend. It features 20 characters from the series, with Kingdom Hearts originals teaming up alongside many Disney greats.

The true focus of the game of course will be on its epic soundtrack. We are learning that Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory checks in with over 140 unforgettable musical tracks. These will span not only original fan-favourite scores from previous games in the series, but timeless classics from Disney’s cinematic catalogue as well.

Of course Square Enix is no stranger to adapting their properties to rhythm adventure games. Their previous efforts include Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. This Nintendo 3DS release turns the immensely popular Final Fantasy series and its ageless soundtrack into a blend of rhythm action and adventure.

However Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory promises to be Square Enix’s biggest rhythm adventure yet. Coming to multiple consoles and spanning the stable of both original Kingdom Hearts and Disney properties, it’s difficult to imagine otherwise. With such an incredible stable to draw from, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has the potential to be a musical masterpiece.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

The story so far

For those who may be unfamiliar, the Kingdom Hearts series is nearly 2 decades old. The debut has it roots as a 2002 release on the PlayStation 2 console. Since then, the franchise has expanded across multiple platforms.

The franchise has sold over 32 million units worldwide. This comes on the heels of multiple mainline entries as well as a variety of spin-offs and supplemental cinematic events. Most recently, the 2019 release of Kingdom Hearts III finally arrived—much to the collective relief of an army of hardcore fans who had been waiting for years since the announcement of the series’ next mainline entry.

Those who are new to the series (or those who may want to replay their favourite Kingdom Hearts adventures) may want to check out the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One package. This collection features nearly the entire scope of the Kingdom Hearts franchise to date. It’s the perfect primer leading into Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. Not to mention it’s also an incredible value!

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

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