State of Play

On Thursday August 6th Sony hosted a State of Play livestream. This event brought new details on third party and indie titles coming to PlayStation 5. In addition there is also news on upcoming third party games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR as well. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest announcements, including new gameplay footage from hotly anticipated games.

Braid Anniversary Edition announcement

Jonathan Blow’s 2008 masterpiece is one of the original games to usher in the “indie game” phenomenon. Now it’s coming back with a brand new release on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The Anniversary Edition will include new hand-painted graphics, extra animations, and reworked audio as well. Additionally, Blow claims that Braid Anniversary Edition will have the most comprehensive developer commentary ever part of a video game. It promises to be a deep dive for anyone with an interest in creating games.

Temtem reveal

Another brand new announcement straight out of the August State of Play is Temtem, coming to PlayStation 5. The premise of Temtem is a massively-multiplayer online experience where players collect creatures and challenge other players to battles.

You’re probably not alone if you are drawing a comparison to other creature-collecting titles, but Temtem is eager to put its own spin on the genre. A huge focus on persistent online play gears itself towards creating a rich MMO world.

First look at Hood: Outlaws and Legends

In yet another new game announcement for PS5, the State of Play gives us our first tease of Hood: Outlaws and Legends. This is a stealthy PvPvE game where two teams of 4 compete to steal treasure whilst simultaneously fending off AI opponent guards. We don’t know much yet outside of this initial teaser footage, but the game appears to have a lot of potential as a dynamic competitive and co-operative heist experience.

New Godfall gameplay 

August’s State of Play also provides a closer look at the PlayStation 5 action-RPG Godfall. In addition to new gameplay footage, the developer provides much more information on weapon classes and attacks.

Godfall is one of the first PS5 games to outline how it will take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback. You’ll be able to sense the terrain of your environment (such as whether a floor is smooth marble or slick with rain) just by interacting with your controller! Similarly, you’ll also notice a difference in how certain weapons wield in your hands through the DualSense’s adaptive triggers.

More about Bugsnax

Honestly, who out there in PlayStation-land hasn’t spent the past few months walking around with the Bugsnax theme in their head? I mean, we’re talkin’ ’bout Bugsnax, aren’t we?!

A new gameplay trailer not only gives us a taste of what we might actually be doing in the game, but also shows how heavily it will lean on the absurd humour we might expect from a game with the title—well—Bugsnax.

Huge announcements from Sony’s State of Play for PlayStation 5 and more

There is plenty more emerging from the August State of Play, including new titles for PSVR, expansions to hit games like Control, and new games coming to PlayStation consoles. Are you more excited for the impending release of PlayStation 5 following the reveals from August’s State of Play? Let us know in the comments below!

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