Exciting new Pixel Pals collectibles come to Best Buy

More and more these days video game players are showing off their love for their favourite video game characters with cool collectibles you can proudly display in your home. Renowned toys, peripheral, and hardware maker Performance Design Products (PDP) has recently entered the market with their new line of Pixel Pals figures featuring 8-bit renditions of iconic video game characters, both past and present. In addition to their awesome pixel art design, Pixel Pals set themselves apart with their unique ability to light up using two AAA batteries. As a gamer and huge fan of the four different characters (plus three variants of these!) included so far in the Pixel Pals series, I couldn’t be more thrilled about these figures coming to Best Buy.

All of the Pixel Pals discussed below are available now for pre-order on BestBuy.ca, so if any catch your eye, be sure to pre-order early as I can easily see a big demand from gamers for these awesome new collectibles!


Figure #: 001
Company: Nintendo
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Perhaps the world’s most famous video game icon, it’s no surprise that Mario is the first character in the Pixel Pals series. Taking the form of his popular 8-bit self from the timeless NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3, this version of Mario is sure to bring back a flood of nostalgic memories. I love that PDP chose to present Mario in his “Super” form (Mario’s larger form after you collect a Super Mushroom) and freeze frame him mid-jump. This action pose exudes energy and has Mario written all over it.

While game tech and game companies are pushing the boundaries of photo-realistic graphics, there’s something about simple, elegant 8-bit design that has everlasting appeal. That’s why with Pixel Pals I really like how PDP emphasizes the pixel block lines to show you how the characters were built one coloured pixel at a time. As I touched upon above, Pixel Pals can also light up using two AAA batteries, and below you see Mario with the light turned off (left), as well as his more colourful, vibrant self when you turn the light on (right).










mega_man_002Mega Man

Figure #: 002
Company: Capcom
Game: Mega Man

The iconic Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man, is the second character to join the Pixel Pals series. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Mega Man and what better way to show your fandom for this gaming legend than with this awesome light-up Pixel Pals version?

mega_man_light_onMega Man sports his classic light and dark blue armour and is in his signature battle pose ready to take on Robot Masters using his powerful Mega Buster. This officially licensed product by Capcom includes all of Mega Man’s 8-bit details, such as the exclamation point ridge going down the centre of his helmet, the round button that covers his ears, and his “mega” cute facial expression that fans adore. As one of the most recognizable characters in all of gaming, this one is sure to be popular!

vault_boy_003Vault Boy

Figure #: 003
Company: Bethesda
Game: Fallout 4

As the mascot for Bethesda’s hugely successful Fallout series, Vault Boy is one of the most famous and beloved video game characters of all time. Sporting his trademark blue jumpsuit, smiling grin, wavy blonde hair, and thumbs up gesture, this Pixel Pals figure is an amazing rendition of such an iconic character.

vault_boy_light_onAll Pixel Pals figures are approximately 16cm (6 in.) high, 11cm (4.2 in.) wide, and 9cm (3.5 in.) deep, so imagine having a light-up Pixel Pals Vault Boy that big on your gamer shelf, it sounds awesome! If you’re a collector, you can keep Pixel Pals in their stylish original boxes, which all have their own unique colour and figure # in the bottom right-hand corner.


Figure #: 004
Company: Nintendo
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

This officially licensed Luigi Pixel Pals figure is the perfect collectible for fans of Mario’s younger brother. Known for his extra high jumps, taller stature, and iconic green outfit, Luigi has stepped out of his brother’s shadow to become a true gaming hero.

luigi_light_offLike Mario, this is the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Luigi, complete with all of his signature 8-bit features like his moustache, green outfit, and overalls. Luigi is also in a jumping action pose, with his one foot higher than the other. The attention to detail in Pixel Pals is extraordinary, and if you look closely you can see that PDP added a block of clear pixels under Luigi’s raised foot to ensure that even in this pose he’s able to stand sturdy on a flat surface. Cool!

Variant Pixel Pals figures

In addition to these four iconic Pixel Pals characters, PDP also offers three more variant figures showcasing your favourite characters in fun, familiar other forms. Take a look below:

fire_mario_005Fire Mario

Figure #: 005
Company: Nintendo
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Get Mario in his Fire Mario form with this sizzling hot Pixel Pals figure. This is the form that Mario takes after powering up a Fire Flower, which grants him the ability to toss fireballs at enemies.


solar_blaze_mega_man_006Solar Blaze Mega Man

Figure #: 006
Company: Capcom
Game: Mega Man

Solar Blaze Mega Man is the special form Mega Man takes after defeating Solar Man in Mega Man 10. While decked in his red and yellow Solar Blaze suit, Mega Man is able to launch a detonation device that splits into two firebombs, one shooting in front of him and one behind him.

black_white_vault_boy_007Black and White Vault Boy

Figure #: 007
Company: Bethesda
Game: Fallout 4

Vault Boy appears in black and white form in many of Fallout‘s Vault-Tec educational material, including the famous “What Makes You S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” animated public education film series featured in Fallout 4. These black and white television-inspired education clips teach new vault dwellers the seven important attributes to surviving in the new world: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. With this Pixel Pals figure, you’ll have the iconic Fallout mascot in what is perhaps his funniest and most entertaining form yet!

As you can probably tell, I’m super excited about these new Pixel Pals figures coming to Best Buy soon, and for good reason—they look amazing! I really love that on top of being figures you’ll want to show off to family and friends, they also double as what might the coolest night lights I’ve seen. Imagine having all these figures glowing bright on your shelf, it sounds awesome!

In case you missed any of the links above, here are the pre-order links to all of the Pixel Pals coming to Best Buy soon:

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Pre-order the Black and White Vault Boy Pixel Pals figure

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  1. These are so cool. I’ve got a bit of Mario stuff, so I’d probably go for the classic Mega Man, but the Fire Mario from Super Mario 3 looks cool too.

    • Great choices Ian! I’m interested in a bunch of these, my first will be Luigi, then probably Mega Man and Vault Boy.

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