The busy summer video game announcement season continued with the 2023 PC Gaming Show. The 9th edition of the show was a massive, 2-hour spectacle packed wall-to-wall with titles. Viewers were treated to a plethora of reveals and exclusive footage from some of the most anticipated PC games in development. The event was hosted by Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Frankie Ward as they guided audiences around the world through the line-up of robust titles. Let’s delve into all the event had to offer!

PC Gaming Show’s Biggest Reveals

As part of the third annual Summer Game Fest, the PC Gaming Show presented more than 50 games with 20 world-exclusive reveals. The “never-before-seen games,” included standouts like Earthless (Blackbird Interactive/Team17), Last Train Home (Ashborne Games), Chimera (Creepy Jar), Sand (tinyBuild), and Dread Pilots (Klei Entertainment). Along with titles like these, we were treated to new trailers, interviews, and gameplay footage for titles like Dune: Awakening, Pax Dei, The Invincible, Warhaven, Park Beyond, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin.

Here’s a rundown of the show’s standout moments and, most importantly, biggest games:

Dune: Awakening deep dive

Set in the universe of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi series, Dune: Awakening is an ambitious-looking MMO. It looks to immerse players in a rich, dynamic world. To get all this new information the PC Gaming crew met with Funcom in Oslo, Norway. The studio discussed combat, the roles players will have, and how political power will be shown. As players navigate the treacherous politics and resource management of this expansive universe, they’ll need to forge alliances, engage in battles, and decide the fate of Arrakis.

Stormgate first look at gameplay

As a big real-time strategy fan I have been eagerly awaiting more news on Stormgate. The game is being developed by a team of former StarCraft and Warcraft veterans. Showcasing its first gameplay footage at the PC Gaming Show, Stormgate promises to bring a refined and innovative approach to the strategy genre. Players will command units, construct sprawling bases, and strategically use resources to dominate their opponents. The gameplay we saw looked fast and fluid with shades of StarCraft 2 which really has me excited.

Frostpunk 2: The age of oil is here

Frostpunk 2 the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed city-builder survival game was shown. The teaser was entirely CG, but it set the stage for what to expect. The new game takes players back into the harsh, frozen world where humanity struggles to survive. In the trailer, we saw the dawn of the age of oil to fuel the city, but things are looking grim as ever. Players must navigate growing the city while managing resources and making difficult moral choices. The end of the trailer teased a release date of 2024.

Stampede Racing Royale: Karting Battle Royale

Combining the excitement of Mario-kart style racing with the nail-biting elimination mechanic of battle royale games, Stampede Racing Royale looks like it will be loads of fun. Revealed for the first time at the PC Gaming Show, this 60-player racing game features vibrant graphics, a wide array of customizable vehicles, tracks and fast-paced gameplay.

Earthless: It’s you vs. the universe

From the developers of Homeworld 3, Blackbird Interactive, comes Earthless, an innovative sci-fi deck builder. The premise is an interesting one: Earth is wiped out by the expanding sun, now you must travel the galaxy in search of humanity’s new home. Earthless challenges players to master strategy, resource management, and dynamic card play. The card-based gameplay mechanics look engaging and the art direction looks stunning.

Earthless looks to be a must-play title for fans of strategy games and science fiction alike. The game will enter early access on Steam in 2024.

Mariachi Legends – An artistically stunning sprite-based adventure

This unique side-scrolling beat ’em up steeped in Mexican culture, made its debut at the PC Gaming Show. The game has an arresting pixel art style that instantly grabbed my attention during the presentation. Players take on the role of a Mariachi warrior, armed with a trusty guitar and an arsenal of powerful abilities.

You’ll fight your way through hordes of enemies in vibrant, beautiful sprite-based levels. Mariachi Legends is sure to win the hearts of gamers looking for a new twist on a classic genre.

The Invincible – A stunning-looking sci-fi thriller

During the show, we also got a new look at The Invincible, an upcoming first-person sci-fi thriller based on the classic novel by Stanisław Lem. Set on the mysterious planet Regis III, you step into the space boots of Dr. Yasna, a scientist who must uncover the secrets of an alien planet. Your crew goes missing and you must traverse the unknown world, uncovering its secrets and finding your missing team.

The trailer featured stunning vistas, and massive set pieces, with a retro 50s feel to the tech. With its unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and decision-making, The Invincible is shaping up to be a sci-fi thriller you don’t want to miss.

Ebenezer and the Invisible World

One game that wasn’t on my PC Gaming Show “bingo card” was Ebenezer and the Invisible World but I couldn’t be happier to see such a unique title in the showcase. The game has taken the classic novella “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and turned it on its head. The game is a 2D Metroidvania that has you play as Ebenezer himself and team-up with spectres and the residents of London to thwart an evil industrialist.

The title is coming in 2023 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. A demo is available now on Steam so you can deck the halls early. I am excited to say we could have a new Christmas classic on our hands!

Park Beyond – New gameplay trailer

We got a look at Park Beyond showing off many thrilling rides for aspiring “Visioneers” to create in your own custom theme parks. This amusement park sim offers both a campaign mode and a versatile sandbox mode. You can unleash your creativity and build the park of your dreams. With its launch this month on June 16th, you won’t need to wait long for Park Beyond. The game looks poised to deliver an engaging and fun experience for fans of theme park simulation games.

Pre-order Park Beyond today!

30XX: A Mega-Man inspired rogue-like

30XX is a Mega Man-inspired side-scrolling platformer that features a roguelike mode with procedurally generated levels. Players can experience the excitement of overcoming challenging levels with friends through local or online co-op gameplay. Get ready to embark on an action-packed adventure as you navigate the ever-changing world of 30XX.

Parcel Corps

Step into the shoes (and spandex) of a bicycle messenger, delivering packages with your own extreme tactics. Embrace the thrill of navigating the city at breakneck speeds, as you ride walls and grind rails to ensure timely deliveries. Keep customers satisfied by getting their parcels to them before their patience runs out in this unique urban adventure.

A strong line-up at the PC Gaming Show

The 2023 PC Gaming Show delivered a packed showcase with a wide variety of titles. The lineup of games ranged from sci-fi thrillers and strategy epics to theme park simulators, there was a lot to look forward to. The future of PC gaming is looking bright, and I can’t wait to get my hands on these titles.

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