Mario Strikers Battle League

Nintendo Switch gamers have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Today’s Nintendo Direct contained updates on upcoming Nintendo Switch games and a few new game announcements. The February, 9, 2022 Nintendo Direct featured a diverse lineup of games focused on the games coming to Nintendo Switch for the first half of 2022.

Nintendo announced Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, LEGO Brawls, Zombie Army 4 and many more. Let’s take a look at some of the games coming to Switch in the next several months.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

A brand new trailer for Kirby’s latest adventure, Kirby and the Forgotten Land was shown. This new trailer revealed a brand new mode in the game known as Mouthful Mode! In this mode, Kirby can inhale real-world objects and transform into a car to zoom around. For example, Kirby inhaled a vending machine to attack with juice cans.

Additionally, we learned that if Kirby evolves his copy abilities at Waddle Dee’s Weapons Shop, his appearance will change and he’ll become even more powerful. Can Kirby rescue the Waddle Dees and restore peace to this mysterious world? You won’t have to wait long to find out because Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches for Nintendo Switch on March 25, 2022.

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Nintendo Switch Sports

Wii Sports launched with the Nintendo Wii and became a popular means for social gatherings and competitions among players of varying ages. Nintendo is looking to reproduce that magic with Nintendo Switch Sport on the Nintendo Switch.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you’ll swing, kick and spike your way to victory with a collection of 6 sports games that will put you right into the action! You can play with family and friends together or online in friendly competitions. Much like Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports turns your real-world actions into in-game movements using your Joy-Con controllers.

Sports included are Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara. The physical release of the game will include a Leg Strap accessory, the same one in Ring Fit Adventure, and allow you to kick the ball in a Soccer Shoot-Out! Additionally, a seventh sport will be added this fall via a free update, Golf! Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29! An online play test will also be available for Nintendo Switch Online members on February, 18, 19 and 20th.

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Nintendo Switch

Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers makes its long awaited return and debut on Switch in Mario Strikers Battle League. In this five-on-five soccer-like sport there are no rules, you do whatever it takes to win! Up to eight players, four players on each team, can compete against each other on one Nintendo Switch system.

In addition to individual matches, Mario Strikers Battle League features online play that allows 20 players to join up and compete. Mario Strikers Battle League launches for Switch on June 10, 2022.

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Mario Strikers Battle League

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes you play as Fire Emblem Three Houses characters including Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and others  in massive battles across a war-torn Fódlan. Unleash devastating combos and stunning special moves in action-packed, real-time combat.

Take down dozens of foes with Edelgard’s axe or Dimitri’s lance, or blast enemies from a distance with Claude’s bow. You’ll be able to slash, swing and spear your way when Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes launches for Switch on June 24, 2022.

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Splatoon 3

The latest game in one of my favourite Nintendo series, Splatoon 3 is getting ready to make a splash on Nintendo Switch. A new trailer was shown at today’s Nintendo Direct and it showcased the next wave of the Salmon Run co-op mode, which will include new features.

While a specific date wasn’t given, we know that Splatoon 3 is coming to Switch in summer of 2022.

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Nintendo Switch

Let us know in the comments below, which Nintendo Switch games you are excited for in the first half of 2022.

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  1. I’m most looking to the New Kirby game. It looks like it’s gonna be really great. O know you didn’t mention it but I can’t believe that Nintendo is taking a page from Rockstars book and just keeps releasing stuff for Mario Kart 8. I think it’s time for a New Mario Kart.

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