Welcome back to another season of football with EA Sports’ NFL Madden 24. Recently, developer EA Tiburon offered a deep dive into all the new features we can expect when Madden 24 arrives on August 18th, 2023. The latest installment looks to take gameplay control and realism to the next level through improvements to FieldSENSE. Along with this a completely rebuilt character skeleton called “SAPIEN” is being utilized. The system will simulate athletic performance and overall movement in a more detailed, true to life way. This will extend to all characters on and around the field, giving everything a more authentic look and feel. There will also be enhancements to foundational football in key areas across offense, defense, and blocking. Let’s join the huddle and take an in-depth look at all these new changes on the way for Madden NFL 24 this season.

Madden NFL 24 Details

Platforms: PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox One, and PC
Developer(s): EA Tiburon
Publisher(s): EA Sports
Genre: Sports
ESRB rating: Rating Pending
Modes: Single player, multiplayer

A more authentic experience with Madden NFL 24 

EA Tiburon will be adding several new features to Madden NFL 24 to make the gaming experience more realistic than ever. The FieldSENSE system has been improved with Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0 which will be exclusive to “next-gen” platforms with the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.  

Madden NFL 24’s Hit Everything 2.0

The newest version of Hit Everything looks to offer a new level of control with a fresh layer of dynamics to your defensive game, providing a wider range of tackle options, including Wrap and Scoop tackles. This new experience promises to offer more fluidity in player movement, thanks to a dynamic selection of tackle animations.

Skill-Based Passing 2.0

Players will now be able to pull off victory-clinching one-handers with better catching AI. There are also new throw animations giving players the chance to place the ball, just like a pro quarterback. Plus, expect more realistic reactions from your defensive backfield, adding another layer of authenticity to the experience. Dozens of new moves have been added to increase the realism of the game in the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions of the game.

SAPIEN technology will be introduced in Madden 24

In Madden NFL 24, EA Tiburon literally re-built players using new SAPIEN skeleton models. Movement of players on the field now look and feel as real as possible. To achieve a new level of animation fidelity and smooth movement, the team knew that the performance rig needed to be updated. For Madden 24 they built a brand-new skeleton from the ground up, looking to deliver truer to life football.

“Smarter” football in Madden NFL 24

In Madden NFL 24, the team also improved foundational football to deliver a more realistic gameplay experience. They have reworked AI systems to provide smoother player actions and reactions, mirroring more of what happen in an actual NFL game. This means you can have greater confidence in your AI teammates properly executing plays. The game will feature improved QB awareness and behavior, resulting in more intelligent decision-making under pressure. Ball carriers will have advanced pathfinding skills, making the most of every gap in the defense. Playbooks for Madden NFL 24, have 70+ new offensive formations that contain 500+ new plays.

Blocking and defensive AI improvements in Madden 24

Meanwhile, the blocking AI has been refined for better open field targeting, creating more opportunities for big plays. Also, defensive backs now demonstrate heightened awareness, leading to tighter pass coverage. Post-play emotions have been dialled up as well, offering a deeper sense of realism and immersion into the game’s atmosphere. With all these upgrades, Madden NFL 24 is poised to deliver the most authentic and engaging football experience yet.

Madden 24 will feature crossplay

For the first time cross-play capabilities will be added PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This means that players will be able to compete against opponents from other platforms. This feature will be available for select online multiplayer modes. Whether you’re going head-to-head online, building your dream team in Madden Ultimate Team, or showcasing your skills in Superstar KO and Superstar Showdown, cross-play ensures the competition remains fierce and diverse. This feature is activated by default when you boot up the game for the first time. Cross-play will not be available if you’re using an Xbox One or PS4. Similarly, you won’t have the ability to engage in cross-play with users who are on these platforms if you’re using a different system.

Multiple modes in Madden 24 to live out your football fantasies

Along with all the gameplay and AI improvements this year, many modes return with new improvements. Madden NFL 24 is set to offer a diverse range of game modes. Whether you’re all about on-field action, customizing your team, or love managing a franchise, Madden NFL 24 has something just for you.

Madden Franchise mode

In Franchise mode, you’ll find yourself at the helm of your team, guiding them towards greatness. This mode will feature engaging mini-games and a team relocation function, allowing you to reshape the landscape of the NFL. There is also new Free Agency 2.0 and new commissioner tools to build your franchise and customize your experience.

The much-awaited return of Superstar: The League makes a comeback. You can customize your avatar and guide them through their career, using mini games to hone their skills and propel them to stardom. There’s also Superstar: Showdown where you can have your avatar play with and against friends in 3v3 matchups.

Madden Ultimate Team returns 

The wildly popular card-based team building mode returns in Madden NFL 24 with Madden Ultimate Team. Here, you’ll have the chance to recruit both current stars and legendary players. Players will be able to continue to advance and earn rewards through Field Pass, and new seasons of content will be offered throughout the year.

Madden 24 arrives this summer

Madden NFL 24 is shaping up to be an immersive and highly authentic gaming experience for football fans. With the introduction of the SAPIEN technology, revamped AI, and significant improvements to foundational football, this iteration of Madden looks to be the most realistic yet. I’m really excited for the addition of cross-play so I can play with friends across different platforms. Moreover, with the return of modes like Franchise and MUT upgraded, Madden NFL 24 sounds like a football experience packed with content. Mark your calendars for August 18th, 2023, and get ready to hit the virtual gridiron with Madden NFL 24.

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