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The Logitech G Cloud is a portable gaming console designed for streaming games from the cloud. This console has a special allure, as long as you have an internet connection you have the convenience of playing your favourite games no matter where you are. In this article, I’ll discuss the Logitech G Cloud’s design, screen, gaming performance, battery life, controls, and share my final thoughts.

Clean and strong design

When you first lay your eyes on the Logitech G Cloud it’s clear that this device is designed to be a portable gaming device. The body of the G Cloud is constructed entirely of plastic, despite this it still manages to feel solid in your hands. 

Looking at the front of the device you’ll see the large 7” HD screen and gaming controls such as the directional pad, joysticks, and buttons. 

Along the top of the Logitech G Cloud, you’ll find the volume control, power on/off switch, as well as the trigger and bumper buttons. Looking at the bottom of the G Cloud, you’ll see stereo speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB-C charging port.

Overall, the Logitech G cloud has a nice, clean design with intuitive controls and a durable construction.

Logitech G Cloud’s gorgeous and sharp display

The Logitech G Cloud has an impressive screen, it features a 7″ IPS display with a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The full HD resolution on a 7″ screen size is perfect, games, media, and text appear sharp and detailed to the human eye.

Logitech’s decision to use an IPS display is a welcomed one, IPS panels are known for their accurate colour reproduction and wide viewing angles. This is especially important for portable devices since it ensures that you can comfortably see the screen from a variety of angles. Another welcome addition is the display’s peak brightness of 405 nits. Having a screen that can achieve this level of brightness means that you’ll have good visibility of your games even in direct sunlight.

Logitech G Cloud gaming

Logitech G Cloud gaming software and performance

Cloud and streaming applications

The Logitech G Cloud’s primary selling point is its ability to stream games from the cloud. Rather than running games locally from the device storage, it relies on streaming apps to play games. Out of the box, the G Cloud comes preloaded with three streaming apps: NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud, and SteamLink. It’s also compatible with other streaming apps like Shadow PC, Google Stadia, and AntStream.

During my testing, I played games using NVIDIA GeForce Now and SteamLink. NVIDIA GeForce Now streams games from the cloud, while SteamLink streams games from your personal computer. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and responsive the games felt, especially when using SteamLink. In both applications Logitech G Cloud’s controls worked flawlessly without any need for configuration or button mapping.

It’s important to note that game performance while streaming is heavily dependent on your internet connection. Additionally, when using SteamLink, the hardware of your personal computer also affects the quality and smoothness of gameplay.

Android applications

The Logitech G Cloud runs on Google’s Android platform, making it compatible with games available on the Google PlayStore. This allows users to download and play any games that are available on the Google PlayStore.

During my testing, I played games like Asphalt Nitro, Sonic Dash, and Call of Duty Mobile. All games worked well on the Logitech G Cloud. One issue that I ran into was that the G Cloud’s controllers weren’t recognized by any of the Android games. These games treated the G Cloud as if it were another phone or tablet, allowing only touch screen controls or the G Cloud’s 6-axis gyroscope for gameplay.

Gaming on the go with the Logitech G Cloud

During my testing I brought the Logitech G Cloud with me while I was out. The goal was to really test out the G Cloud’s streaming performance. To have the smoothest streaming possible it’s recommended that you have a minimum of a 10Mbps Wi-Fi connection. My phone has a steady 4G connection which can get an average of 60Mbps download speeds. Using my phone as a hotspot I had no issues streaming Ghostrunner and Destiny 2 using the NVIDIA GeForce Now application.

I also tried using SteamLink while on the go. To use SteamLink you’ll need to have both your gaming laptop and Logitech G Cloud connected to the same wireless network. Like my tests with NVIDIA GeForce Now, I used my phone’s hotspot to stream Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 from my laptop to the Logitech G Cloud. The game ran smoothly and I didn’t experience any stuttering or slow downs while out in public.

Overall, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection streaming games to the Logitech G Cloud is incredibly smooth. If you’re using your phone as a hotspot I’d recommend keeping a portable power bank nearby. I found that using hotspot for extended periods of time drained my phone’s battery.

Logitech G Cloud back

Impressively long battery life

The Logitech G Cloud has an impressive battery life. According to the Logitech website, it can last up to 12 hours before needing a recharge. During my testing, I did a combination of playing cloud games, streaming media content, and playing Android games. Over my testing I found that the G Cloud’s battery lasted longer than Logitech’s quoted 12 hour time. In total I was surprised to find that I was able to achieve between 13-15 hours of battery life from the Logitech G Cloud before needing to charge the device.

Logitech G Cloud’s audio options

The Logitech G Cloud features stereo speakers located at the bottom of the device. These speakers produce loud and clear audio with strong mid and high tones. In terms of quality I’d say that these speakers are comparable to flagship cell phone speakers. Additionally, when it comes to audio output  the G Cloud offers multiple options. Users have the option of using the 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, or the USB-C port.

The Logitech G Cloud also includes dual microphones located on each side of the display. These microphones allow you to communicate with teammates while playing games. The microphones feature echo cancellation and background noise suppression, ensuring clear voice transmission.

Customizable controls

The gamepad controls on the Logitech G Cloud are solid and responsive. The joystick and buttons feel comparable to those found on a Nintendo Switch. The advantage that the Logitech G Cloud has over other portable gaming devices, like the Nintendo Switch, is its ability to customize the controls to individual play styles. When you scroll through the settings of the G Cloud there’s a specific area for users to individually customize the sensitivity and dead zones of both joysticks. In my testing I found that this feature was incredibly useful in adjusting the joystick to suit my gameplay style.

The Logitech G Cloud is a fantastic media player

While the Logitech G Cloud is primarily designed for cloud streaming, it excels in media consumption as well. With it’s Android OS, you can download media applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. During my testing, all of these applications worked seamlessly, offering the same user experience you can expect from any Android phone or tablet. Being able to consume media content so easily makes the G Cloud a perfect device for media consumption while on the go. During my time with the G Cloud I found myself preferring to watch YouTube or Netflix with the G Cloud instead of my cell phone. This was because of the G Cloud’s larger 7″ IPS display, louder speakers, and long battery life.

A great portable gaming and media player

The Logitech G Cloud is an impressive cloud streaming gaming handheld. Its large 7″ 1920 x 1080p IPS display, loud speakers, and excellent battery life make it perfect for playing games and consuming media on the go. My only wish is for Logitech to improve controller compatibility with Android games. Doing so would make the G Cloud perfect for Android gaming and a strong competitor to tablets.

If you’re looking for a  cloud streaming gaming device, I highly recommend checking out the Logitech G Cloud. It has some fantastic features and is perfect  for gaming on the go. If you’d like to check out what other gaming devices and peripherals are made by Logitech have a look here.

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