Nintendo Switch is the ultimate family gaming console. It has the flexibility to take anywhere your family goes, and the versatility to go from individual play to interactive or competitive play. Also, the selection of games continues to excite us with each new release. Their newest game, Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet comes out this month and Best Buy is giving away a copy of the double pack version of the game, a Nintendo prize pack, and a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition Switch OLED, for one amazing ultimate Nintendo prize.

Do you have a favourite Nintendo memory?

Families have been enjoying Nintendo gaming for decades. My favourite Nintendo memory is from when my children were young playing Mario Kart with my father-in-law Dan. The fun started with selecting a driver, “Granpa, I want to be Bowser; you got to be him last time!” which to an outsider may have seemed confrontational but the atmosphere was total fun and laughs.

Pokemon too has been thrilling adults and children since 1996. What started as a very successful video game for the Game Boy quickly evolved into anime, trading cards, manga, and tons of related toys and other merchandise. Few on this planet have not experience Pokemon in one way or another. This contest will certainly create lasting memories for someone in Canada. The prize includes a Nintendo Switch console on which they will play countless games at home, at friends’ homes, and on road trips. One of those games will be the new Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet that’s also included in this prize. And the winner will also enjoy a collection of Nintendo Pokemon merchandise. It’s pretty much a perfect Pokemon prize!

Many people will be gifting Nintendo this season

You may be wondering what are the best games to give Nintendo Switch gamers this season. You might already have an opinion about it, or you may be interested in what games other players are recommending. We sent our writers to a Nintendo holiday showcase event to get some insights and you can read about their experiences on the blog. Also, scroll through the comments under that article. For the next two weeks, Canadians will be leaving their Nintendo Switch game recommendations under that article as one of the methods of entering this contest. Here are all of the ways you can enter this contest:

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways:

  1. In a comment below, tell us what your favourite Nintendo memory is, what game, was involved, and why this memory stands out for you.
  2. In a comment beneath the “Nintendo Holiday Showcase” article, tell us which Nintendo Switch game sold at Best Buy (include the model number) is your gift recommendation for Canadians this season.
  3. For up to two (2) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) telling your friends and followers which version “Pokemon Scarlet” or “Pokemon Violet” you’ll play first if you win this Nintendo Switch prize pack; include the hashtag #BestBuyNintendoSwitchContest, so we can find your post, and include one of the pictures showing on this article.
    Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.), but the post must be public so we can verify it is there.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one (1) winner to receive the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Prize pack that includes the double game and the Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition.

This contest runs from Nov 17th until Dec 5th.

Remember you can enter in three different way as discussed above. Nintendo is best played with friends and our contests are best enjoyed with you share with family and friends to increase that chances that either you or someone close to you wins a great prize.

Win a Nintendo Switch OLED with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. My favourite Nintendo memory was when I received a Nintendo DS for Christmas from my parents that I had been wanting for so long. The first game I remember getting was Nintendogs, and I would spend hours playing with my puppy, and teaching it tricks! I wasn’t able to have a pet in my house because some of my family members are allergic, but it was my way of getting to “train” a puppy, and it’ll always be one of my favourite gifts from my parents.

  2. My favourite memory growing up was playing with a Gameboy color with Pokemon Yellow version because as family we did a lot of road trips and taking my favourite game during a long drive.

  3. donkey kong country, we were stuck on this level for long time, barrell to barrel level, i finally got mad and powered through the level.

  4. It would have to be playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS, had so much fun with friends back when I was a teenager and we would bring it to school to play it during lunch time and after-school.

  5. My favourite Nintendo memory is playing Mario Kart on Wii every day when I was younger during the summer break from school. I was trying to unlock everything in the game, and I ended up having a very fun and memorable summer.

  6. My favourite nintendo memory is playing Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii every christmas with my sister. She normally wouldn’t play with me but for some reason over christmas break she would always want to play. We would beat both games over the Christmas holidays and have so much fun!

  7. My favourite memory is was when I was in Ledger, playing through the original Pokemon: Red game on the GameBoy. I was isolated from my family, and had very little to do; spending most of my time in my room. So with no knowledge of the Pokemon franchise, I really found myself having to learn everything from scratch, enjoyed the story, and worked my way through the game. It was a long process, and it took me several weeks, but it is still my favourite game in the franchise to this day because of the difficulty.

  8. I would recommend Just Dance 2023 (Switch) Model Number: UBP10972455 because its so much fun for the whole family to play together

  9. My hometown had a Nintendo 64 and Starfox 64 contest when I was a teenager. My sister wanted to win so I ‘trained’ her on where to go and what to do to shoot down the most enemies in the time limit. She ended up winning and got a N64 console, Starfox 64 game, and a 42″ TV (the CRT type – not flat screen). That TV was heavy!

  10. My favourite game is Legend of Zelda OOT. I will never forget spending countless hours with my dad battling through all the dungeons as a kid.

  11. Best memory is no doubt Super Mario World. We never had a console, so I’d relish the time at friends’ houses when I could play.

  12. My favourite Nintendo memory:
    I once made a friend a school by bringing my new Gameboy SP to class. He noticed I was playing pokemon and asked if I wanted to hangout and play. I was so over the moon that someone else was excited about the game too! That weekend we spent sitting on my couch with our gameboys. We’ve been friends ever since.

  13. Will always remember first getting our NES and playing Super Mario Brothers. Spent hours going back and forth with brother to try to get to end, then learning of the way to get 100 lives which changed the game for us 🙂

  14. My favorite Nintendo memory is of my daughter whispering “sit Shadow, sit” over and over to her Nintendo DS. I couldn’t figure out why until I ended up playing her game; Nintendogs, on my way to work. I wasn’t whispering I was trying use a ‘pack leader’ tone.

  15. My favorite memory is playing Star Tropics with my brother and my mother when I was 12. We would sit together Friday nights and just play till we beat the game. Family night was perfect and united, gaming always drew us closer. It is those times that make me nostalgic for my youth.

  16. My favourite Nintendo memory was playing SUPER MARIO BROS. on the NES, because it was my first gaming system I had when I was a child and I enjoyed playing games on there with my father.

  17. My favorite Nintendo memory is beating Super Mario 3 on NES. It was the first time I beat a game and it reinforced in my mind a life lesson that smart people use shortcuts.

  18. My favourite memory was when my older brother finally let me use his game boy colour to play super Mario bros. I am 7 years younger so generally I was just the annoying kid sister but lucky for me after one Christmas or birthday or whatever it was my brother got the game boy colour and after months of not letting me play he finally let me play with him! It was such an amazing bonding experience and I’ll never forget it! Thanks Nintendo lol

  19. My favourite Nintendo memory was playing smash bros with my friend at my house, then my cat jumping on the screen. Because I couldn’t see my character due to my cat, I fell and died. It was really fun playing with my friend and with a new Switch, I can continue to play with him. With the upcoming Christmas season, I recommend getting either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, as both are really great games.

    Twitter: @zaidfpss

  20. My favorite memory has always been playing Ms.Pacman with my mom. She absolutely loved it and never ever passed up a moment to play with me

  21. My favourite memory is getting a GameBoy Color for Christmas along with all the “MadCatz” attachments and Pokemon Yellow! So many good memories playing that on road trips and eventually trading Pokemon with my younger brothers.

  22. My favourite Nintendo memory is playing the Wii with my grandfather
    it stands out because he couldn’t do very much mibility wise, but loved the Wii Sports games

  23. My best Nintendo memory is of playing Super Mario 3 with my friends. Yes, that was a long time ago, but it was so much fun having snacks and trying to get all the secrets.

  24. My best memory with Nintendo will be when I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It really surprise how well it was play and ended up buying real ocarina.

  25. My favourite Nintendo memory involved playing the side-scrolling brawler game ‘Captain America and The Avengers’ on Super Nintendo where I found that although the other kids I played against kept selecting the titular Captain America, when I picked Hawkeye I found out that I could consistently and easily overpower the other kids’ Captain America using Hawkeye’s arrow ranged attack. That memory has stood with me for so many years, seeing how frustrated the other kids were when they played against me (using Hawkeye!)

  26. Opening up a Nintendo 64 the Christmas it was released, and playing Super Mario 64 for days!! Was amazing, and will never forget it!


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