Avalanche Studio showed several games at E3 2018. I talked about Generation Zero in a previous article on Xbox Indie titles. This time, here’s the explosive return of Rico Rodriguez! Just Cause 4 protagonist has the coolest name, doesn’t he?

One of the funniest open world sandbox series is back in action. Rico Rodriguez’s adventures take place in South American fictional country of Solis, where Rico seeks information about his past. Enemies are more intelligent than ever, and the protagonist will have to face Black Hand soldiers, a hi-tech private military organisation. Use customizable gear and turn extreme weather condition to your advantage to take down the enemy.

Just Cause 4 offers a full sandbox experience

Just Cause 4‘s total freedom let players do whatever they want in the game. Rico drive cars, ride bikes, pilot micro-jets and reach his next location flying his wing-suit or jump from heights with his parachute on. Physical destruction is the core of the game. Missions are completed using every object on hand. Of course, craziness ensues. The grappling hook is stronger in Just Cause 4, giving Rico the ability to push things on explosive with a pulsing effect or lift heavy carriage using air lifters. Playing with the grappling hook will be more fun now. Mixing effects is the key for fun creative ways to destroy.

Not only that, but the game deals with unpredictable weather. Tornados swallow everything on its path and lightning set things on fire. The game offers more variety in gameplay and terrain. We can travel on water and follow the current, or drift in the wind on a parachute or using the wing-suit. Some missions are based on unpredictable weather destruction. In the gameplay demo, Rico needed to reach a plant facility before tornado strikes.

I think the sandbox aspect of the game will let players use creativity to show physical damage in the most unusual way. You’ll have 1024 square kilometers of exotic playground to explore, from rainforest to desert, via snowy mountain peaks. Are you ready for explosive chaotic destruction in the most exotic location in the world?

Just Cause 4 is coming December 4 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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