Games offer different types of experience. From the atmospheric virtual reality experience of Arca’s Path VR to the arcady fun co-op mode of Strange Brigade, Rebellion offer the best choice to players.

Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade is an up to 4 player co-op game you’ll have fun with friends. A crew of fortune hunters travels to Egypt, where evil gods wake up from Ancien Egypt, and it’s up to us to defeat them. Unleash magical powers and embark on a fantastical journey.

Developers designed an arcade-styled game with hordes of enemies to defeat and treasures to collect. You’ll have a full arsenal at your disposal, but the more convenient way to kill them is by setting traps. In the section I played, there was deadly blades coming out the ground when activated. Wait until the regroup around it, then boom! I also liked the puzzle solving mechanic to open the gates. One of them was to move a device so the light reflected on the switch.

To have fun with friends, Strange Brigade should help you unwind after a long day. The story seems light and the gameplay is easy to pick up.

The game will be available on August 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Arca’s Path VR

Arca’s Path VR tells the story of a young woman who finds a mysterious mask. When she puts it on, she’s brought into the virtual world of Arca. Transformed into a sphere, she needs to find her way out. Arca’s Path is a full VR game. Developed for all VR devices, it uses the head motion to play. Only that, no controller. The challenge is to guide the sphere though mazes securely to the exit. The first levels are easy, but I had a glimpse of later mazes. They will require movement precision.

I played with the PlayStation VR headset. As I was traveling through mazes in atmospheric aerial paths, my first though was, it’s the worst VR scenario in my experience for motion sickness. Surprisingly, it felt great! No bad feeling at all. Talking with the creative lead on the game, he told me there’s one guy on the team dedicated in motion controls. His work consists of making sure the game is fully playable without any bad feeling. Good job!

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  1. I still can’t say that I’m completely sold on VR, but Strange Brigade looks interesting. I think I will have to check out more info on this game as it gets closer to release.

    • Yeah, we didn’t see much, but I think it’ll be fun to play with friends and see how creative traps are to kill enemies!

  2. Thank you, always been concerned about motion sickness with VR, but the times I have tried it, was a blast.
    I need to look into a PSVR next.

    • It really depends on the game, and this one was a blast. It makes a huge difference.

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