Dontnod’s next project is a cool one. It brings players into the Life is Strange setting, but on a new adventure with new characters. Here’s a quick look at The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is Dontnod’s next adventure in Arcadia Bay. This is Life is Strange’s world. It tells the story of Chris, a young boy living with his dad. An only child, he likes to draw and play. The way he behaves reminded me of any kids his age.

Experience the vivid imagination of a 10-years-old boy

Captain Spirit is his persona. Wearing a cape and having superpowers give him courage to go to evil places, such as the water tank closet. It’s also more fun to do chores that way. Those are Captain Spirit missions in the game.

Using a point and click adventure mechanic, there’s a lot to discover. Exploring the house, garage and garden, Chris will read notes left by his mother. In the demo, we helped Chris design his superhero costume. The 10-year-old has vivid imagination. He raises his hand to use superpowers to open the TV or bring milk towards him at breakfast – the same movement Max did to save Chloe in Blackwell Academy in Life is Strange.

We’ve seen just a glimpse of the story, but the game raises so many questions I don’t want answers to. Is Chris related to Max? Will I meet Life is Strange’s characters at some point? I didn’t ask the dev team, only because I don’t want any spoilers. One thing they did reveal is that any choice players make in Captain Spirit will carry over into their Life is Strange 2 experience. Not only that, but if you played Life is Strange, the outcome carries over into Captain Spirit’s game. Another question I had was that there were two definitive outcome alternatives at the end of Life is Strange. I want to see how if affect the setting in this one.

Fortunately, I won’t have to wait any longer, as The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is set to release on June 26, and will be completely free on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  1. This game sounds kind of fun, I think that I’ll have to see about picking it up when it launches, especially at the price!

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