There’s been a stunning upturn in a different type of gaming model videos lately: Lengthy Gameplay footage. With the advent of social media and in the spirit of keeping abuzz, it seems as though trailers are starting to get overshadowed by which game can put out the biggest and best gameplay preview video.  Call it a byproduct of the Youtube age, it seems like we’re seeing more and more than just 90 second trailers nowadays.  To really make yourself shine and stand out, you’ve got to hook your potential customers with a long, hard look at what they’re getting themselves into.  Does it work?  You be the judge.

Grab some popcorn and set yourself aside a few minutes.  Here are some of the more marquee gameplay reveals this E3 courtesy of various sources, some of which have sat down with the developers at the conference to chat over live gameplay footage.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: This year’s Call of Duty takes a hardnosed look at a world where soldiers are for hire, and Kevin Spacey rules the Private Military sector.  Well, not Kevin Spacey, but a guy voiced by him that looks an awful lot like him.  Check it out courtesy of Gamespot.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: My Plug In Partner in Crime Kurt Diston has really been looking forward to, and really pushing hard toward Unity’s Release.  Last year’s Assassin’s Creed Black Flag interested me enough for it to be the first next gen game I bought, and my wife is the series fan between the two of us.  Unity looks promising.  Check out this 23+ minute video courtesy of Polygon:

Sunset Overdrive: This was one of the titles a lot of us were looking forward to again coming into this year’s E3.  Finally, it’s taking a bit of shape, and has potential to be a dark horse game of the year with its odd comedy, vibrant graphics, and use of Microsoft’s Cloud Storage to create an ever changing, ever interesting world.  Look for this one to come your way at the end of October.  This was the first game I ran to pre-order after I saw what I liked.

Rainbow Six: Siege: Tom Clancy may no longer be with us, but his ideas will live on for years to come through the magic of video games.  Rainbow Six: Siege has definitely been one of the best looking shooters showcased at E3 thus far, and might be one of the early favourite amongst FPS gamers in 2015.  Here’s a hostage rescue mission that shows off how intense and involved this game will be.

Destiny: Destiny has been one of the most highly anticipated games ever since it was announced last year.  It was one of the first PS4 games to get the lengthy gameplay treatment, with a 40 minute video surfacing last fall.  This video’s only 15 minutes long, but shows a much more cleaned up and polished presentation.  While available for multiple consoles, if this is the game that sells you on a PlayStation 4, no need to fret. You can pick both up at the same time in a special edition bundle:

There have been live demos and previews of some great games too. Personally, I’m awaiting more on No Man’s Sky, which I think has caught a lot of people offguard.  It’s ridiculously ambitious, and I’m interested in seeing way way more.  I don’t think you’ve heard the last mention of that game on this blog by any means.

I’m also really interested in seeing what EA does for the next gens, given that I’m primarily a sports and Nintendo title gamer.  I won’t link the EA reveals directly in this blog.  Instead, I’ll direct you over to this blog discussing what EA Sports is working on.

If you need a re-hash on some of the other major press conferences thus far, we’ve got you covered




The Nintendo Digital Event

While I don’t get a lot of time to sit down and watch these over trailers, the concept of these live demo interviews definitely sells me better into whether I want and whether I want it.  Trailers are fine, but actually watching the gameplay unfold before your eyes.  I’ve found myself watching these more often than just trailers when they’re available.  I’ve been sold ever since Sony singlehandedly sold me on The Last of Us during their live demo at E3 2012.

Have you ever been sold on a game simply by E3 gameplay previews or live demos?


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