Call of Duty beta BannerAhead of the hotly anticipated release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer beta, Activision held a launch party in Toronto to mark the event. The future of the Call of Duty online experience was on full display inside OverActive Media HQ’s “Red Bull Gaming Studio.” Fans, pro esport players, and media all gathered to usher in a new era of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty beta launch event PS5Some of the evening’s highlights included playing the MWII Beta on Bell Fibe internet before anyone else, getting tips from members of Toronto Ultra’s Call of Duty League team, receiving an early access beta code, and more. The event had something for everyone, whether you were there to play the beta, watch some of the best CoD players in the world, there was plenty to see and do. Here’s what I experienced at the event, along with my hands-on impressions of the Modern Warfare II beta.

Call of Duty beta venueThe Ultra Call of Duty Experience

The venue was the perfect spot to launch the Call of Duty MW2 beta, as it plays host to some of Canada’s largest esports teams. Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra and Overwatch League’s Toronto Defiant both call it home. The teams were in attendance to check out the beta for themselves and were available for autographs plus photo ops.

Call of Duty beta launch eventUltra players Eli ‘Standy’ Bentz, Jamie ‘Insight’ Craven, and Tobias ‘CleanX’ Juul Jønsson were in attendance. It was great to see some of the best CoD players in the world getting their first hands-on experience with the game, and they were happy to share their early impressions with fans. The event gave Ultra an opportunity to connect with their fans and get them excited for the upcoming season.

What’s Call of Duty League?

For those not familiar with the Call of Duty League, it’s a city-based esports league that pits the best teams from around the world against each other in a season of 4v4 play. The competitions rotate through various game modes like “Search & Destroy,” “Hardpoint,” and “Control.” It was great to see some of the best players in the world interact with fans and give them a taste of what competitive Call of Duty is all about.

CoD beta crowdToronto Ultra and Call of Duty beta sell out the event

Eager fans got their hands on the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta at the kick off event. All the tickets were sold soon after they became available, resulting in a full house awaiting a first glimpse of the game. As someone who’s played every Call of Duty game dating back to the original on PC, it was great to see such a passionate response from fans. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a CoD newbie, there was something for everyone in the beta.

Red Bull Gaming Studio open play experience

The hands-on portion of the event took place on the studio floor, where dozens of PlayStation 5 consoles were set up for attendees to play on. There was a great party atmosphere complete with a live DJ, and plenty of food and drink options. The central area featured a large main stage flanked by giant TV screens displaying gameplay and MWII trailers. VIPs and special guests hopped on the stage to try out the beta. It was impossible not to get hyped up seeing the massive set up. Overall, I had a great time at the event, it was the perfect way to kick off CoD season and only built up my anticipation for the game.

CoD beta impressionsCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Impressions

The first thing that struck me was how good the game looked and played. I expected nothing less from Infinity Ward. They are the developers behind some of the best Call of Duty games in recent memory. The game felt very fast paced and fluid, which is something that has been a hallmark of the series. The maps on offer were well designed and encourage a variety of play styles. The gunplay is as tight and satisfying as ever. I also found that there was a surprising amount of verticality in many of the maps. It really helped keep you on your toes as enemies could be anywhere.

CoD beta free playCall of Duty beta game modes

The game modes over the course of the beta sessions had Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, and Hardpoint on offer. All of these were enjoyable, but my personal favourite was Hardpoint. This mode is all about controlling zones on the map for as long as possible. It’s a frantic mode that forces you to constantly be on the move. I had a blast playing it and can’t wait to jump back in.

Fine-tuned weapons and gameplay

The weapons in the game felt very well balanced, and I didn’t find any one gun to be overpowered. Every weapon has a specific role to play, and it really encourages you to try out different load-outs. The gameplay is incredibly polished, and the maps are designed to encourage different styles of play. One of the early standouts for me was how great the DualSense controller feedback felt. From shooting to reloading you really could feel everything in the meticulously detailed firearms.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II launches worldwide October 28, 2022

The game looks and plays great, and there’s plenty of modes and maps to keep you busy. If you are looking for more info around what is included feel free to check out all the details here. I would highly recommend checking it out when it fully launches on October 28th, 2022.

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