Buying a gift for the gamer on your shopping list can be a difficult task. And, for those gamers on your gift list who seem to have it all, knowing what to get them might seem impossible—just ask my wife. Fear not! I’m here to help you with the best gift ideas for gamers!

Online gaming subscriptions

If you’ve got a gamer on your gift list and not sure what to get, you can never go wrong with an online gaming subscription. For all intents and purposes, they are one of the best gift ideas for gamers. Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PlayStation Plus subscriptions allow gamers to play online with others, get free games every month and offer discounts on games.

Here’s a brief overlook of each gaming subscription and you’ll see why they are great gift ideas for the gamer that has it all.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online allows owners of any of the Nintendo Switch family of systems to play select Nintendo Switch games online. The service also features some of Nintendo’s retro gaming content in curated NES, SNES and recently announced Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis apps. In addition to extra content you also get access to exclusive offers, trials of certain games and cloud saves to back up all of your progress.

Get a Nintendo Switch Online subscription

Best gift ideas for gamers

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the Netflix of video games for Xbox gamers. You pay a nominal monthly fee to get access to download hundreds of games. Additionally, gamers have access to more than 100 games from the cloud to play on their Android device. And, you can play brand new games on day one from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks! Plus, you’ll also be able to play select indies and blockbusters.

This means you’ll be able to play the latest Halo, Gears and Forza games for free on the day of release as part of your subscription and more! Furthermore, EA Play is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and allows you to play more than 60 of EA’s biggest and best console games.

Buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Best gift ideas for gamers

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus allows PlayStation owners to play online with friends, get free games every month and get exclusive discounts on games. All PlayStation Plus monthly games are playable on PS5 and yours to keep as long as you’re a subscriber.

PlayStation Plus members also get exclusive game content like members-only skins, cosmetics, weapons and more for free-to-play games. And, you get 100GB cloud storage to save your game progress. And, you can pick up your adventures on any other console with that game installed. Finally, as a PS Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to hand control of single-player adventures over to them. Even if they don’t own the game with Share Play.

Purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription

Best gift ideas for gamers

Best gift ideas for gamers

And there you have it! You can never go wrong with an online gaming subscription. There are some of the best gift ideas for gamers. Not online does it allow the gamer on your gift list to play with their friends online, they get free games each month and exclusive discounts on their favourite games.

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