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How do you stand out in a crowd of similarly adorned individuals? Make a lateral move, switch it up, do something unexpected. It’s weird how franchises can put their heads down sometimes and charge right off the bluff, when some creative thinking might have altered their course. Case in point, Battlefield: Hardline. Not like the Battlefield franchise is going anywhere mind you, it’s just, there’s a wild west of next generation platform gaming out there to be had. People are waiting for things to show them what’s up with this iteration of the hardware, and for that brief window in time, you have their complete attention. Piggybacking on the good name, pedigree, and resources of the Battlefield franchise, with Hardline they just took a second and asked themselves… ‘where’s another sort of ‘battlefield’?’. Cops and Robbers friends, Cops and robbers.

Release Date: March 17 2015

Consoles:  Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Rating: M

Now, maybe it was just my particular hood, but cops and robbers was by far our brand of multiplayer shooting. And by that I mean, everybody with a gun, from something cool by Nerf, to some second hand jobby, or a stick if nothing else was laying around, and running around the neighborhood shouting ‘Bang, you’re dead’. I knew kids that liked cowboys, I knew kids that liked army men, but for us, it was always cops and robbers. Tapping into that childlike joy are a bunch of grown up children with skill at game development… there’s no wonder this title has caught my attention.

So, finding themselves a whole new (well, ok, let’s face it, GTA probably plays a roll here, but it’s still a fresh feeling angle) slice of the pie to get their fingers sticky in. There’s been such a focus on the military sim, that it’s surprising it has taken until now for someone with that background to fix their eye on another space to play, and no surprise when it grabs peoples eye.

The story goes like this, police officer flavored with a sprinkle of ambiguous morals, crime filled city… and a ‘play it as you like’ mentality. I hope they put as much thought an love into the single player campaign as they can, it would be another way to define themselves. However, its the Multiplayer that will draw the most eyes and interests. I’m curious about the balance. Equal playing fields are all well and good, but I do like a little more flavor than, ‘group of soldiers on one side, group of soldiers on the other’ mindset of Halo and Call of Duty. When you two unequal sides, you get a chance to do things asymmetrically, adding unique flavor to either side.

Currently there are four game modes (which will no doubt expand as time goes)…

Hotwire – Chase at high speed! Rip across what they’re calling ‘expansive environments’ in hot pursuit, or being hotly pursued.

Rescue – There’s innocents that need rescuing, call in the SWAT!  Bad guys got ’em, good guys need to get ’em back.

Heist – What criminals are good at, stealing stuff! Who doesn’t like a good hiest? Grab your goodies and get to the extraction point, and don’t let the coppers stop you.

Blood Money – There’s a pile of cash, and everybody wants it.  Fight to take it, fight to defend it, fight to take it back.

I hope that taking a bold new angle works for Battlefield, and based on what I’ve seen, I rather think it will. Now with Pre-order, receive the Versatility Battlepack. which comes with a unique skin for your weapons, and XP boost, as well as an Assault rifle. I think the gameplay speaks for itself, and I think after a game like this the dam will break. My guess is this does good numbers, and we see a push in this direction.

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