Attack on Titan 2 The saga of Attack on Titan continues

In Attack on Titan 2, developer Omega Force advances its retelling of the events that have shaped the Attack on Titan universe – and expands on it as well. The game follows the storyline across seasons 1 and 2 of the popular anime series (which is built upon a dystopia menaced by human-eating giants called “Titans”), letting gamers experience key moments with the characters they’ve grown to love.

The storytelling doesn’t stop there however. In addition to the core plot, Attack on Titan 2 also features brand new, original story content. These narratives are overseen by none other than series creator Hajime Isayama himself.

Attack on Titan 2

All new original characters and co-operative action

Become immersed in the world of Attack on Titan like never before, with the all-new character creator feature, which lets gamers craft their own unique style with customizable body shape, hair, facial features, clothing, and tone of voice. Gain a distinct perspective by battling through the familiar events of seasons 1 and 2 with a brand-new protagonist.

Better yet, why not take the entire journey with a friend? Also new to Attack on Titan 2 is the ability to play the entire story mode in co-op. Now gamers can share their adventure with a full team of allies on their side.

Sharing the gripping narrative with a friend can be nice, but there are always those who wish to go it alone. Even so, if a player finds themselves running into a particularly difficult Titan, help is available via drop in/drop out co-operative support as well. Just send a distress call and online players can opt to lend a hand.

Attack on Titan 2

A variety of online modes

Attack on Titan 2 offers much more than just a comprehensive story mode, with a variety of online gameplay to enjoy outside of the main campaign.

Annihilation mode is a competitive 4 v. 4 battle, where teams must work together to achieve the highest score within a set time limit. Teamwork is key as gaining points relies on taking down thralls of devastating Titans in succession. Work together to keep the Chain Bonus alive and disassemble the foe thoroughly for a maximum score.

Attack on Titan 2

Predator mode turns the tables, as here gamers take control of a fearsome Titan. Achieving a high score is once again the focus, but this time points are tallied in favour of the chaos created by destroying buildings and gulping down human bystanders – yikes!

It’s not all a walk in the park though. Armed soldiers are defending the town and trying to take Titans down (and taking points with them). Try to divert their attention to a competitor and continue the all-out rampage.

Finally, Expulsion mode is a free-for-all where up to six players compete to earn points and achieve sole triumph over the field. Unlike the cooperative nature of the 4 v. 4 Annihilation mode, teamwork goes out the window. Work against the competition by sneaking in and planting critical blows on Titans. Obstruct them outright with items designed to sabotage their efforts on the way to victory.

Get Attack on Titan 2 now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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