Sonos move, review, how to, google, alexaFinding a great gift can be a challenge, but have you considered giving the gift of year-round music and high fidelity audio? This holiday season gifting a Sonos speaker might just be the perfect options. Here’s why…

Sonos sound quality is outstanding

The biggest reason to choose a Sonos speaker is the sound quality. While other speakers may sound just fine, a Sonos speaker takes your listening to a whole new level of depth and detail. Sonos speakers are finely tuned allowing you to hear intricacies of music and audio that you may never have noticed before. A Sonos speaker is truly on a different plane of quality.

Easy to set up and control with Sonos app or voice controlsonos move lunar white 1

Sonos devices are easy to set up and use. With the Sonos app, you can get control over EQ settings, volume, playlists and more. You can also enable voice control with some Sonos speakers so you can cue them, hands-free.

Start a Sonos multi-room audio or home theatre: it’s expandable

Sonos is meant to be an expandable system, depending on your needs and budget. Start with a Sonos One or One SL for in-room audio that sounds amazing. Need something with a bit more flexibility? Sonos Move is rechargeable and completely mobile giving you freedom to listen anywhere.

sonos arc sound bar, reviewIf you’re looking to create a home theatre, you can start with something like a compact Sonos Beam sound bar or the premium Sonos Arc sound bar (which I reviewed here)  . Then as you want to expand or grow a surround sound system, you can add speakers or a subwoofer to your room, growing your home theatre in phases, or go big and create it all at once.

Gift ideas: Add to someone’s Sonos system

Adding speakers to somone’s Sonos system is a great gift idea, since there are Sonos options at every price point. Plus, setting up a home theatre for the family lets you add components as a gift each year for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.

Sonos staying power

When you get a gift like a Sonos speaker, you want to be sure it will stand the test of time. Sonos is constantly updating its software (even creating a new Sonos S2 app) and pushing firmware to its lineup to ensure they stay connected and running smoothly.

Sonos Sub, Gen 3

Sonos announces update for multiple subwoofers

One example of that consistent iteration is that Sonos has just pushed out a new update that allows users to add multiple Sonos Sub subwoofers to a home theatre system. Sonos says customers have been asking for this feature to bring rumbling bass and room-thumping audio, so they delivered it just in time for Christmas.

As explained by Sonos, “updated processing power in the new Sub (Gen 3) along with a software update will allow you to add two Subs to a home theatre setup. Using the Sonos app, simply pair Sub (Gen 3) to a home theatre setup with an existing Sonos Sub (Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3) and feel more bass than ever before.”

This holiday season, consider Sonos as a gift; for yourself, for someone else, or as a family home theatre gift to take movie night to the extreme.

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