Samsung MicroLED TV roundup at CES 2024

For me, the announcement of new TVs is one of the most exciting parts of CES, and CES 2024 was no exception. A few of the TVs that were announced were absolute showstoppers, and there were a few common themes. All brands focused on adding AI to some of their TVs, and most also offered massive screen options including 98 inch OLEDs from Samsung and a 115 inch Mini LED from Hisense. There was also new technology including transparent TVs with pixels printed on glass. You can take a look at the TV buying guide for more on how to choose the perfect TV for you, and here’s a roundup of all of the TVs showcased at CES 2024.

Samsung TVs at CES 2024

I always look forward to seeing what Samsung will announce at CES. This year they previewed a few TVs that will be released this year, some that are in production, and a unique 8K projector.

Transparent MicroLED TV

MicroLED, a technology that uses tiny non organic self illuminating pixels to light the TV, has been in the works for several years. Samsung announced at CES 2024 they will release a home-size transparent MicroLED TV at some point this year. They didn’t offer a lot of detail but we do know that the TV design uses a piece of glass with MicroLED pixels printed right on it. It will be available in 76 inch, 89 inch, 101 inch, and 114 inch sizes. You can read more about the difference between OLED, QLED, Mini-LED, and MicroLED in this article.

Samsung Premiere 8K Projector

The Premiere 8K Projector is exciting for a few reasons. It’s wireless and connects to the Samsung One Connect box so you don’t need to connect cords or cables. It has 8K resolution and can project a 150 inch image from only 12 inches away, and it has ‘Sound on Screen’ technology with Dolby Atmos 8.2.2 channel sound. This tech integrates audio right on the screen, giving you an audio experience that feels more like watching a TV.

Samsung S95D OLED

The new Samsung S95D OLED TV has an OLED Glare Free screen for a more natural viewing experience, AI for improved colour performance, and 144Hz refresh rate for gaming. It will be available in a size range all the way up to 77 inches, and it’s wireless so you can mount it and not have to worry about exposed cords.

Samsung QN900D and QN85D

4K is the standard resolution right now, but Samsung is making big moves into the world of 8K with two new TVs – the Samsung QN900D and the Samsung QN85D. They are both 8K TVs but the QN900D has advanced AI built into it. With AI Upscaling Pro the TV can covert 4K content into 8K or take your old SD and HD video and upscale it to 4K.

LG TVs at CES 2024

LG had the TV showstopper this year at CES 2024 with the amazing OLED Signature T.


LG OLED Signature T

LG announced the upcoming release of the LG OLED Signature T, a 77 inch OLED TV with transparent glass panel. This TV connects to the Zero Connect Box so you don’t have to hide cables, and it has a 4K OLED picture so it can produce brilliant colour and contrast. You can read more about the LG OLED Signature T in Christine’s article.

LG Meta 2.0 OLED TVs

OLED TVs have the best picture quality, but they aren’t as bright as Mini-LED or QLED TVs. That could be an issue if your living room is a dim room without a lot of natural light. LG has taken on that issue with their new LG Meta 2.0 OLED TVs, making them brighter than previous LG OLED models. They use META technology to increase peak brightness by up to 42% and can reach 3000 nits of brightness. Most ultra-bright projectors have 3000 nits of brightness so that’s pretty impressive for an OLED.

TCL TVs at CES 2024

TCL had quite a few announcements at CES 2024 including a massive 115 inch TV.

TCL 115QM89 QD Mini LED TV

The TCL 115QM89 is impressive for so many reasons. It’s a Mini-LED TV with quantum dots to enhance brightness and colour. The 115-inch size means you’ll have the biggest display to watch movies, sports, or for gaming, and it has 20,000 dimming zones. With more dimming zones the TV can achieve the best possible picture quality and has better, more natural colour control.  

TCL Q Series TVs

TCL is releasing new Q Series TVs including the TCL Q6, a 4K TV with a High Brightness Plus LED Backlight, and the TCL Q7 with Mini-LED backlight, High Brightness, and QLED Colour Pro to boost colour and contrast.

There’s also the QM8, another 115 inch TV with ultra bright panel thanks to the QD Mini-LED backlight. It has a 6.2.2 audio system built in for the best audio in a massive, thin panel TV.

Hisense TVs at CES 2024

Hisense has become an important TV brand, and no TV roundup would be complete with mentioning their newest releases. At their press conference they shared how the Hisense U series has become very popular among consumers, and the new lineup of Hisense U6N, U7N, and U8N will be even more so.

Hisense U Series

Hisense ULEDX

The Hisense U Series are all 4K TVs with a quantum dot Mini-LED backlight. The Hisense U6N has Dolby Vision, HDR+, and a 60Hz refresh rate. The U7N and U8N have an AI processor to upscale picture quality and offer better brightness. They also have 144Hz native refresh rate, low input lag, and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. It sounds like they will be great choices for gaming TVs.

The flagship release for 2024 is the Hisense ULED X. Available in two models, the 98 inch Hisense 98UX and 110 inch Hisense 110UX, the 98UX features 5000 nits of brightness and 10,000 dimming zones. The 110 inch model has 10,000 nits of brightness and 40,000 dimming zones, making these TVs the brightest announced at CES 2024.

Both TVs are Mini-LED with quantum dot overlay, have 144Hz refresh rate, and have a 4.2.2. channel audio system built in.

Panasonic TVs at CES 2024

Panasonic TVs at CES 2024

Panasonic has always been one to watch for TV releases, and every year they bring out more impressive TVs. Their new lineup includes the Panasonic Z95A and Z93A. Both have fantastic picture quality because they are OLED, but the Z95A has a Master OLED Ultimate panel with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology to boost brightness.

These models are available in sizes ranging from 55 inches, 65 inches, and the Z93A is available in a 77 inch size. They have 144Hz refresh rate for the best possible motion control while gaming and watching sports, and they have the Fire TV operating system for seamless video streaming.

TV roundup from CES 2024

Which TV are you most excited for this year? I’m looking forward to seeing the new transparent TVs in person, especially the MicroLED. Keep an eye on Best Buy for all of the new TVs this year.

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