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Whenever I bring home a new television my first priority isn’t to binge on the latest Netflix series—it’s to make sure my TV is safe and sound on my wall or on my stand. I generally like to wall mount my TVs, but over the past year I’ve run out of wall space and I’ve had my 65 inch TV on a stand. I’ve always used Sanus wall mounts to mount my TVs because they are easy to install, include all the hardware you need to set them up, and offer the most versatility for TV positioning.

I just took a look at a few of the latest Sanus wall mounts and a unique TV stand. Here’s what I thought of their design and what TV mounting options they offer.

Sanus TV mounts and stands

The two wall mounts I unboxed were the Sanus Super Slim Full Motion TV Mount (Sanus Elite) and the Sanus Advanced Tilting Wall Mount. I also unboxed the Sanus Systems Swivel Table Top TV Stand. All three include all of the hardware you need to mount your TV.

These wall mounts and TV stand are designed for all sizes of TV, from 40 inches up to 90 inches. Because they have such a large size range you can continue using your mount even if you upgrade your TV.

Sanus Super Slim Full Motion TV mount

The Sanus Elite Super Slim Full Motion TV mount is the type of mount you’d choose if you want to pivot and tilt your TV in every direction. Here are the features of this TV mount.

  • Accommodates TVs from 40 inches to 90 inches
  • Full motion capable extends the TV up to 20 inches from the wall
  • FluidMotion lets you glide your TV into any position
  • Virtual Axis to simplify tilting
  • Post-installation level adjustment in case you need to adjust the TV after install
Holds your TV flush while still giving you full range of motion

I have a very small living room and I’ve placed my 65-inch 4K TV just over six feet from my couch. I’ve often thought it could be a little closer, especially when we’re watching movies. With the Sanus Super Slim Full Motion TV mount, I could easily pull it closer before watching because the mount lets you extend your TV 20 inches toward you.

I unboxed the Sanus Super SlimTV mount and checked out each part and the set up process. It has a lot of user-friendly features to give you the most flexibility when watching your TV. The pieces aren’t heavy but they are definitely sturdy.

Sanus added a FluidMotion bracket for gliding the TV toward you so it’s easy to reposition, but it also has a Virtual Axis for tilting it. If you want to push it all the way back to the wall to use your TV as a picture frame you can do that too. The Super Slim design lets you place the TV 1.6 inches from the wall.

It’s easy to see how this mount can give you the best possible placement for your TV. I love how it has post-installation level adjustment, just in case you mounted it and it’s not quite level. I always use a level when mounting but things can slip a bit so I really appreciate this feature. I also really like how the mount helps you with cord and cable management by routing cables through the mount arm.

Sanus BLT3 Advanced Tilting TV wall mount

Sanus 4D Tilting wall mount

If you don’t need a full motion TV mount but you still want a bit of flexibility, the Sanus BLT3 Advanced Tilting TV mount is a great choice. Here are the features of this mount.

  • Fits most TVs 42 inches to 90 inches
  • Tilt 4D design lets you tilt the TV in four different directions
  • 15° maximum left and right swivel feature
  • FluidMotion feature allows TV to glide into position
  • ProSet design lets you level and adjust the height of the TV without removing it
4D technology lets you tilt in four directions

If you’re like me and you have your heart set on your TV being placed over your fireplace but it’s directly across from the windows, a tilting wall mount is a must. Tilting wall mounts are a great option when you’re trying to avoid glare from your windows.

The Sanus BLT3 TV wall mount has a 4D design and can tilt in four directions up to 15 degrees. That’s more than enough to reposition the TV if you’re trying to watch from a different spot in the room, you’d like to have it face down, or you want to move it slightly to avoid glare. Like the Sanus Super Slim, the Sanus BLT3 mounts your TV close to the wall so it can have a low profile when not in use. At only 2 inches from the wall it’s almost flush, but you can can extend it out up to 6.8 inches if you need to plug in an HDMI cable.

Like the Sanus Super Slim, the Sanus BLT3 has FluidMotion so it glides in and out and it can hold TVs from 42 inches up to 90 inches. It’s designed with stainless steel brackets, but they are quite light. I like how Sanus always includes a wall mount outline so you can place your bolts in the right spots, but it also has ProSet leveling so you can adjust the mount after your TV is on the wall.

Some tilting mounts I’ve used can only tilt up and down, and that’s not very useful if you’re trying to reposition the TV so you can watch it from one side of the room. I like the 4D design of this mount as it can pivot and swivel, so you can angle it toward one side of the room or tilt it down if you’d like to.

Sanus Systems Table Top TV stand

Sanus Swivel TV stand

The Sanus Systems Swivel Table Top TV stand has the following features:

  • Lets you swivel your TV up to 70 degrees from left to right
  • Solid metal base is sturdy and stable to stop your TV from tipping over
  • You can adjust your TV height up to 8 inches so you can place your soundbar under it
  • Integrated cable management conceals your cables
Sturdy design prevents TV tip-overs

Sometimes you don’t have the space on your wall to mount your TV or you can’t drill into the walls because you live in a rental. You could use the included stand that comes with the TV, but I’ve always found the stands aren’t sturdy enough to make me feel comfortable about how they are holding the TV. This is a common issue for families with small children as you don’t want to have to worry that your little ones will accidentally knock the TV over. Had I known about the Sanus Systems Table Top TV stand when my kids were little, I would have brought it home in a minute.

The Sanus Systems Table Top TV stand is a TV stand that can hold TVs ranging in size from 40 inches up to 86 inches. It holds your TV securely, hides your cables, and swivels up to 70 degrees from left to right. You can also raise or lower your TV on the stand so you can place a sound bar under it. It’s designed with a solid metal base that’s quite heavy. I picked it up with one hand and it felt like lifting weights so I know it will hold the TV firmly in place.

I love the idea of a sturdy TV stand that still gives you the flexibility to swivel the TV if you want to point it in another direction. The Sanus TV stand also helps organize your cords and cables so everything looks nice and clean.

Which Sanus TV mount will you choose?

Sanus all three

Whether you like the idea of a full motion mount so you can turn your TV every direction and pull it toward you or you just want a bit of tilt, Sanus TV wall mounts are a great choice to securely hold your TV. I like how both the Sanus Elite Super Slim Full Motion TV Mount and the Sanus Advanced Tilting Wall Mount can be placed close to the wall so you can enjoy your TV as a picture frame, and I love how I would never need to worry about TV tip overs with the Sanus Systems Swivel Table Top TV stand.

All Sanus wall mounts and TV stands include detailed instructions and the hardware you’ll need to mount your TV. It’s great that they include a mounting template so you can line up your bolts and make sure you like the position of the mount before you hang your TV, and it’s even better that you can adjust the TV after it’s on the wall just in case you want to tweak it a bit.

Having your TV mounted on the wall or placed on a durable stand keeps it safe and gives you a world of viewing options. You can find the best Sanus TV mount for you at Best Buy.

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