Samsung Neo Showcase EventAs a technology and food enthusiast, I was excited to receive an invitation to Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and OLED TV culinary showcase. I wasn’t sure how Samsung would combine dining with debuting its latest line-up of premium televisions, but they created an unforgettable experience that showcased the TVs beautifully. Samsung Canada and Chef Dustin Gallagher teamed up to combine technology and create a feast for the senses. Let’s explore the latest line of premium Samsung TVs and the amazing dishes that went along with them.

Samsung provides a cavalcade of sensory delights

The 2023 Neo TV showcase event took place at the Samsung Experience Store located in the Toronto Eaton Centre. The second floor of the store was converted into a dining room, offering a great ambiance for the experience planned for the evening. I was interested in how the Neo QLED 8K’s picture and sound quality would be leveraged to elevate the dining experience and highlight the TV’s features. Additionally, I was looking forward to seeing how Samsung would blend its latest TV technology with fine dining.

Matthew Rondina and Chef Dustin Neo ShowcaseSamsung serves up stunning 8K fidelity 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Chef Gallagher, who provided guests with a brief introduction and shared his vision for the evening’s meal. Gallagher is the Executive Chef of Noble House and 416 Snack Bar as well as the runner-up on Top Chef Canada All Stars. He’s one of the hottest names in Canada’s culinary scene and a lock for achieving a five-star cooking experience. After the introductions, we were then given a tour of the dining room, where we were able to experience Samsung’s latest 8K TVs in action.

Neo Showcase Dinner TableThe dinner table was surrounded by Neo QLED 8K and OLED TV which would be used to enhance the dining experience. Each seat was positioned to provide an optimal viewing angle, allowing us to explore the full range of colours and textures displayed on the TVs. We got to experience vivid visuals in HD, 4K and 8K resolutions powered by Neural Quantum Processor technology. I was especially wowed at how the sound from the TVs could fill a large bustling space.

Chef Share Neo 8KSamsung redefines “TV Dinner”

We were treated to an exquisite three-course meal created by Chef Gallagher, each course carefully crafted to bring out the best of the Samsung QLED and OLED TVs. Before the event, Samsung recorded Chef Gallagher preparing the meal in 8K Ultra HD. The power of the Neo QLED 8K and OLED TV displays would be used to introduce each course. The chef used the televisions to amplify the meal by showcasing the ingredients, cooking steps, and describing each dish before it arrived at the table.

Real life Neo 8KThese preparation videos continued to loop through each course, which provided an immersive experience. This also gave me a closer look at all the ingredients and flavours being used in the meal while showing off the incredible detail the Neo OLED line is capable of. The 8K visuals offered up to 33 million pixels on screen, it looked like a real-life rendition of the meal. It was quite entrancing to watch the food be prepared on screen while it sat in front of us.

Mushroom GnocchiFood preparation in 8K

On the menu, were three courses handpicked by Chef Gallagher. They were included not only for their taste but how they would be displayed on the Neo TVs. The first course was a stunning Black Truffle Gnocchi presented beautifully with vibrant colours. They popped onscreen thanks to the 8K picture resolution and vivid HDR10+ contrast range. The high contrast black and white meal showed off the Neo QLED 8K range in the best light – showcasing the power of its Quantum 8K processor and vivid colour volume.

Chef Serving Dish with OLEDAs Chef Gallagher explained, “The mushroom’s tiny veins, intricate grooves, and paper-thin edges were all brought to life in vivid 8K clarity on the screens. Even the fine particles of flour that dust the fluffy gnocchi, or the potatoes as they pass through the ricer, were captured in mind-blowing detail.” The visuals on the Samsung TVs were equally as impressive as the flavours. This delivered an almost 3D-like experience thanks to the Neo QLED 8K’s depth of field technology.

OLED MealsNeo QLED 8K features

Throughout the meal, the incredible fidelity of both Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and OLED TV options were stunning. I could see in vivid detail every slice, dice, sauté, and sprinkle of seasoning. The 8K resolution offered detailed images, which felt like we were part of the cooking process. The Neo QLED 8K QN900C really stole the show, its Samsung’s latest premium TV that boasts 8K resolution. It also sports a nearly bezel-less design, and Object Tracking Sound Pro technology.

OLED Food ScreenDetailed displays enhance ultra HD content

During the culinary experience, the QN900C was mounted behind the dining table. It provided crystal clear, vivid displays of the food with every detail of the ingredients and cooking process. The Object Tracking Sound Pro technology was also present, providing clear, immersive sound quality. It made it feel like we were right in the kitchen with Chef Dustin. The entire Neo QLED 8K lineup features advanced features like this, which really elevated the viewing experience. My senses were delighted as each dish was presented in perfect harmony with the 8K visuals and sound.

Raspberry SorbetSamsung shows its colours with the world’s first Pantone-validated HDR OLED

The final course of the meal was an incredibly colourful raspberry sorbet. This gave the Neo OLED another opportunity to shine. Chef Gallagher’s colourful dishes were beautifully showcased by the panel’s stunning range of colours. The Neo OLED line is Pantone validated, able to achieve a wide range of colours to high professional standards. It’s the first TV product to receive this validation.

Raspberry Sorbet on ScreenWith this know you’re getting some of the richest, most accurate colours a TV panel can provide. The rich visual detail was incredible, right down to each raspberry seed and the exact shade of raspberry red.

Samsung 8K Finals ScreenSamsung serves up an unforgettable experience

Samsung is working hard to redefine how we consume ultra-HD content with its QLED 8K and OLED line. The screens deliver an almost three-dimensional experience on the Neo OLED screens. The combination of stunning visuals, sound quality and culinary mastery created a unique and delightful experience. It made me appreciate these premium televisions even more. I can confidently say that Samsung has successfully redefined the term “TV dinner.”

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