Samsung Canada BannerSamsung Canada teamed up with Toronto-based designer Stacey Cohen to showcase the latest in offerings in their home entertainment line-up. The event was held at Cohen’s custom home in Toronto, giving guests a chance to experience firsthand how Samsung’s technology can enhance their decor. I was invited to experience the curated spaces firsthand, the home was stunning, and Samsung’s lifestyle products were the star of the show. The show home featured a range of innovative and stylish Samsung Lifestyle Screens, both for interior and exterior spaces.

Samsung CohenCohen is known for her unique take on design, and this event was no exception. The home was outfitted with Samsung’s latest TVs, projectors and other display solutions. All of which Cohen had hand-selected to create a stylish and functional living space. Guests were able to tour the home and experience Cohen’s design process, as well as get tips and ideas on how to incorporate Samsung’s products into their own homes.

Samsung Zebra The FrameSamsung technology highlights stunning designer home

The experience began as soon as you stepped through the front door and were greeted by The Sero television. It looked great in the home’s front foyer. I could see how it could be perfect for small spaces or even display digital art in larger rooms.

The Sero WelcomeThe vertical design of this screen makes it easier to read mobile content without losing picture quality when you mirror from smart devices. The Sero also turns horizontally for use with traditional media players and their aspect ratios.

Samsung The FrameA living room transformed

The beautiful open living room featured “The Frame” television which blended into the surroundings with its sleek design. This TV has an “art mode” that is designed to look like a real framed piece of artwork when turned off and can be seamlessly integrated with different coloured bezels. The Frame comes with pre-loaded pieces of art, or you can upload your own photos to display.

This next-generation TV is truly a work of art, with its sleek design and brilliant picture quality. Guests were able to see first-hand how it can be used as a focal point in any space. Whether it’s for watching movies or sporting events or simply enjoying a slideshow of family photos or artwork. The television looks great turned on or off, and I could see how it would be a stunning addition to any space, for more information on The Frame here is our full review.

Samsung Dining Room Kitchens and DisplaysDining room and kitchen Samsung displays and projectors

The first floor of the house also featured “The Freestyle” and “Premiere” projectors cleverly integrated into dining areas. There were two Freestyle mini projectors, one on the kitchen table and one in the dining room. The compact projector was displaying images from a variety of angles on different surfaces and with different levels of ambient lighting. There were preset kaleidoscope-style patterns displayed which really helped to transform the environment in colourful new ways.

Samsung ProjectorThe Premiere was being used in the dining room to project ambient tropical scenes onto a textured stucco wall. Its 4K resolution and HDR10+ technology were on full display outputting some great-looking colours and high-contrast visuals. The image was so clear and bright, it looked like a window into another world. I could see how this would be perfect for special occasions or even just everyday life, as it would make it easy to display and swap out different photos.

Samsung OutdoorAn outdoor cinema experience

In the newly landscaped backyard, Samsung had its Terrace outdoor screen and soundbar on display. This screen is designed for a multitude of outdoor spaces, and it was great for a backyard setting. The soundbar created an immersive audio experience that made it feel like you were at an actual cinema.

Samsung PergolaBoth devices are rated to withstand temperatures between -31 to 50℃. There is also a cover for the TV to further protect it from the elements when not in use. This was one of my favourite spaces, the outdoor oasis was a welcome surprise. I could see how The Terrace would be a great addition to any home, especially if you love to entertain outdoors.

Samsung Modern ArtA Samsung television or modern art?

On the second floor of the home, the Stacey Cohen’s design team integrated “The Frame” and a new model “The Serif.” The freestanding Serif looks like a piece of furniture with its sleek design and neutral “cloud white” finish. The iconic “I” shape, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, makes this television a piece of artwork as well as a functional TV.

Samsung SerifThe display itself is a 4K Ultra HD QLED with up to 3840 x 2160 resolution. The stand itself is also detachable so if you opt for a new look with wall mounting that is always a possibility. I loved how both products were incorporated into the space and how they added a touch of style to the room.

Samsung FlowersSamsung’s latest technology enhances home design

This event was a great opportunity to see how Samsung’s products can enhance any space. Whether it’s a small apartment, a large family home or an outdoor space. Stacey Cohen Design proved that with the right design and layout, Samsung’s products can be seamlessly integrated into any decor. Cohen did an amazing job of curating the event and selecting products that would fit her unique vision. The overall experience was incredible, and I left feeling inspired by the design aesthetic and Samsung’s products. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home with the latest in lifestyle technology, check out Samsung’s latest offerings.

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