Vizio’s P-Series TVs are a great option to enjoy both 1,080p and 4K high definition content. The 4K TVs, which come in 50”, 55”, 60”, 65”, and 70” sizes (sports or video games, anyone?), can upscale HD content to 4K – that’s four times the resolution of “standard” high-definition, or 3,840 x 2,160 versus 1,920 x 1,080. And they also have “smart” connected
features, allowing you to access a number of Internet-based services.

They come with the VM50 Ultra HD engine and Spatial Scaling Engine that aids in the upscaling process. The 70” TV has 72 active LED zones (the others in the series have 64) that work with Vizio’s own unique algorithm, which intelligently adjusts brightness based on the scene currently being shown. This, along with Active Pixel Tuning technology, Pure Pixel Processing, and dynamic contrast ratio of 50 million to 1, all help to produce a vibrant, lifelike picture with black blacks and white whites.

The Pure Cinema Engine adjusts frame rate so that films are shown in their native format of 24 and 48 frames-per-second (fps). And remember I mentioned gaming earlier? There’s actually a feature specifically for avid gamers called High Velocity Mode, which adjusts the frame rate to 120 fps with low latency, so you can creep around dark, dank corners to hunt the enemy, and zoom around street corners in your super-fast virtual car without worry that the TV can’t keep up with your incredible speed. (The 50” model offers half the effective refresh rate as the others.)

Everything is powered by an ultra-fast V6 processor with a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU. Vizio says this helps to ensure that the TVs start up quicker, that menus can be navigated with ease and little lag time, and image rendering is better and vizio p series tv side.jpgquicker.

Using the HEVC H.265 codec, you can stream Ultra HD (another term for 4K) content over the Internet on the TV. You can also access video from a variety of Internet services using Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus interface, including 4K content from Netflix (when and where available.) HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 (five ports!) allow for seamlessly connecting a host of source devices to the TV, like set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and video gaming consoles. There’s also an optical audio input and USB 2.0 port for playing back content, like videos or photos, directly from a flash drive. It operates on the 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi for ultra-fast connections.

Control the TV using the included remote that comes with a handy full QWERTY keyboard for easily inputting a show name for which you want to search, for example. That’s much quicker than shifting up/down and side-to-side on a virtual keypad, or multiple button presses on a standard numerical key remote.

Each TV in the series is finished in dark metallic and is ultra-slim (2.2”, to be exact) with a very thin bezel (just 8 mm), leaving much of the front dedicated to the actual screen. And that’s, after all, the most important part, right?

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