how to choose speakers
In the heroic words of Liz Lemon, “Say yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more!” While, no, you can’t stay in forever, you should always be able to come home to your very own sanctuary. Your home should be a place where you can lounge around, stream your favourite entertainment, blast music on your speakers, and order in. There’s nothing like a great home theatre setup to make staying home its very own event, and speakers are an essential part of the party. Best Buy’s Home Audio section has you covered for variety, now it’s up to you to figure out what will fit your sanctuary best.

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes

With so many choices, narrowing it down can feel gruelling—but the trick is to start with the big questions and go from there. Your first consideration may be your budget. The beauty of technology is that as it progresses, it becomes more affordable. You can find a great product at a reasonable price, or you can splurge on the latest and greatest and get some  luxury speakers at a higher price. Either way, you’re not boxed in.

Your next consideration will likely be the type of speakers you’re looking for. What will best fit your home and the things you already own? If you have minimal space, but want optimal sound, soundbars should be your go–to. Soundbars are designed to be sleek and aerodynamic. Their thin design will nicely fit anywhere, including mounted onto the wall under your television. However, if you have more square footage to give up, bookshelf speakers are an option for you.  You can fit them into your own shelves or stands that have the capacity for them.If placed on a higher stand, they can have a similar effect to tower speakers. Tower speakers take up relatively little floor space, although they are taller. They also add a definite touch of style to your set up. 

Surround yourself with Dolby Atmos 

Next up, how do you want yourself surrounded? Surround sound technology has come a long way, and it’s now within reach at completely affordable prices. A couple options to choose from are Dolby Atmos, and Auro 3D. Of these options, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround are the latest and greatest. The tech behind your favourite movie theatre blockbusters it is now available for purchase for your own home theatre. You have the choice of using overhead speakers or floor speakers. Floor speakers can have additional elevation speakers added to the mix, which will make sound bounce off your ceiling.

Dolby Atmos recreates the same 3D audio environment found in certified theatres, so be hyper–aware when watching something scary—you wouldn’t want to throw popcorn everywhere. You can find out more about how Dolby Atmos can amplify your home theatre on the Best Buy Blog.

The future is now: why choose wireless speakers?

If you have pets, then you know the urgency of going wireless. Gone are the days of freely leaving your wires loose. Heck, even if you don’t have pets, wires are a hassle. We live in what the people of yore called “the future”. Going wireless is not just a dream anymore. The beauty of going wireless is that you can put speakers in more than one space. Multi–room speakers give you the control. You can choose which speakers you play, how loudly, and are able to switch it up at anytime through an app on your phone.

How to add Voice Control to speakers

Lastly, the extras. Now that you’ve narrowed down what type of speakers you need, you can think about how you want to use them. Many speaker systems come with built in Google Assistant or work with Amazon Alexa, so if you’re all about voice command, you have a number of options available in smart speakers that require little to no extra set up.

Since your home is your sanctuary, the feng shui needs to be just right.There are a wide variety of different stands and mounts available to make the set up in your living room seamless, sleek, and comfortable. Your speakers can easily be a positive addition to the interior decorating scheme you have going, just find the right products that fit with the rest of your furniture to keep your area looking smooth and inviting.

The perfect staycation

You’re ready for your new lease on life: to stay in more, to be more cozy, to be even more comfy than you ever have before. Sometimes, we can just enjoy life in the luxury of inside. Your home theatre setup can be everything your staycation dreams are made of, all you have to do is find the right setup to cozy up to. Luckily for you, you don’t need to look high and low for your perfect setup, Best Buy has you covered.