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With the rise of streaming services and on-demand movies, home theatres have never been more popular. While not everyone will have the same setup, there are a lot of great home theatre gifts for anyone on your list. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a film buff or casual viewer, here’s a list of the best gifts to improve every home theatre.

Universal devices to make the most of your home theatre

I’ve personally had a lot of struggles with device compatibility when it comes to buying gifts. To this day, it remains one of my main concerns when purchasing a home theatre gift for someone. That’s what makes Universal Devices a great choice of gift for every home theatre fan. You won’t have to worry about researching what devices work with different brands or ports.

Add a media streamer to the home theatre

A media streamer is one of the most useful devices you can add to any home theatre. A streamer lets you browse through all the available shows from multiple streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime, all from a single screen. You’ll spend more time watching videos instead of swapping between apps to find a show to watch. Some include voice search too for a hands-free experience. Some brands, like Roku and Apple TV, allow you to access certain shows and movies only available on their streaming platform. It’s important to find the right choice for your gift recipient and their watching habits. You can find out more about them in the media streamers’ buying guide.

One universal remote control for all devices

Universal remote control

Every device we add to our home theatre has its own remote. Each one is efficient and easy to use. However, we all can get a bit frustrated having to swap between different remotes frequently. Additionally, every remote control seems to have a selection of buttons you may never use. To reduce remote control clutter, I really like using a universal remote control. It combines utility and simplicity. You can control a number of devices with a single remote. It includes the option to add shortcuts for your favourite apps. This remote can easily become a staple part of anyone’s home theatre setup.

A Bluetooth audio transmitter to stream from a non-smart TV

An audio transmitter is compact and easy to set up, making it a great gift that easily integrates into every home theatre. This device enables you to connect a wireless headset or speaker to a non-smart TV or a TV without built-in Bluetooth. Just put on your headphones and hear everything on the television as loudly as you want to, without affecting others in your household. Some devices have more pairing options than others, and I find dual-pair connectivity is a good sweet spot to look for. A dual Bluetooth device would allow two people to experience the full audio quality of a movie with headphones at any time of day. You also won’t be disturbing roommates or neighbours with a booming soundtrack. I find these devices are especially convenient for older TVs.

Sound and light add to your home theatre experience

Bose sound bar

Getting into the right mood to watch a show with sound and ambient light is just as important as any high-resolution screen. Many people don’t realize how much a great audio system or smart lighting can enhance their viewing experience. As such they will be a welcome gift for a friend or family member with a home theatre.

Soundbars deliver great sound with easy setup

A sound bar can take the audio from any TV to the next level with more crisp-sounding dialogue, deeper bass, and a more dynamic range. Brands like Sonos, Bose, Polk Audio and more, make for amazing gifts. With the addition of being very easy to connect to any television while being easy to use. Nowadays more sound bars are even coming with wifi or Bluetooth connectivity, letting you connect your mobile device to your TV’s sound system for a powerful all-in-one listening experience!

Smart lights create a movie atmosphere

Phillips Hue lights behind and next to a smart TV for an immersive watching experience

Smart lighting is something many people don’t consider when looking for a home theatre gift. However, the gift receiver will be shocked at how much they love the introduction of an immersive lighting experience into their home. My personal favourite home theatre gift is colour changing lightstrips. Some brands even let you sync its colour to the television display to create a backdrop that blends in with what you’re watching. Having light strips also doubles by eliminating the glare of traditional room lighting when positioned behind the TV. Phillips Hue is a brand that offers plenty of great bulbs that change colours and create ambient mood lighting in any room. Imagine getting one of those in your stocking!

Choosing the right gift for every home theatre

Choosing the right home theatre gift will depend on the person you’re buying for and their unique watching habits. I hope this list has helped you find a potential gift idea for a film-loving friend or family member. If you have any ideas for devices you’d love for your own home theatre setup, write a comment below so others can use your ideas as inspiration.

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Steven is a freelance journalist and tech enthusiast who enjoys keeping up with technological advancements and sharing them to improve our daily lives. He also runs a video game and tech review blog and can be found on twitter at @BiasedGamer101.


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