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One of these days, you are going to be faced with the decision to buy another TV or to try something new. Many years ago, buying a projector for your home was the impossible dream. Considering the four figure price tag at the time, they were tough to justify adding to your home. Growing up, one of my best friends had a Sony Videoscope KP-5040 and we thought it was the coolest thing ever, but I shudder to think now how much it cost back in the 1980s.

These days, buying a projector for your home is much more affordable. You can begin to set up the home theatre of your dreams with phenomenal picture quality for the price of a good TV. Here’s why your family may never go back to the TV again.

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Projector Stream PC

Having a projector in your home is fun

It’s the silliest and most obvious reason, but a projector in your home is just fun. Whether you want to watch your favourite shows, movies, play video games or stream from a computer, a projector is such a great way to maximize the wall space of your living room and turn it into a living, breathing home theatre. It has long been a dream of mine to set up a massive projector in my home and maybe one day, I’ll get around to doing it once I figure out the space and logistics.

Your entire projector setup may take up less space in your living room than a TV. While fixed screens exist, like this one from Elunevision, you can still buy screens that fold up and down in order to stay out of the way when not in use.

Projector with Sports

A projector is still a unique way to watch the big game

Spring is an amazing time for the sporting world. It still feels like a pretty special occasion when you gather around the biggest screen possible with your friends and some refreshments, spending an afternoon or evening watching the game.

Baseball, F1 racing, and golf season are taking off, the NBA and the NHL are preparing for playoff runs. Of course, the Best Buy gaming guys Paul and Jon would be upset if I didn’t mention our beloved Wrestlemania. Don’t forget that the World Cup is just around the corner too! Your home can become “THE” place to be with the unique addition of a projector to your watching space.

Backyard Projector

Projectors are portable

Your projector doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent fixture in your living room. The portable nature of a projector means that with a little bit of ingenuity, your family could be outside sitting around the fire pit on a summer night enjoying a movie together. You would obviously need to make sure that you had the right screen and the right projector to support something like this, but getting a little bit extra fresh air while settling down for a family night is never a bad thing. If you’re ready to take the your summer movies outside, don’t forget that Best Buy has your back and has a range of outdoor screens to maximize your viewing experience.

Projectors aren’t just poorly blown up images anymore

Bad ProjectionWe all remember our elementary or high school projector setups. These projectors gave off more heat and made as much noise as a blow dryer and the picture quality was basically a tiny image blown up to the point where the image itself was fuzzy and the colours were faded and garish. The technology has really improved and projectors now output large, vibrant displays in 1080p. There is also a growing number of projectors that display in beautiful 4K too, like this one from BenQ.

The next time you think about replacing your TV or adding a new plaything in your home, consider treating yourself and your family to a brand new projector. It’s fun, it’s easy to use and it’s still pretty unique.

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