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If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy another TV or try something new, there are quite a few reasons why you may want to take the leap into the world of projectors. The latest projectors are compact so they are easy to place and store. You can find projectors with 1080p Full HD or brilliant 4K resolution. They are also affordable, so you can set up a home theatre projector for around the same cost as a new TV.

Why you and your family will want a projector

Here are a few reasons why choosing a projector means your family may never go back to the TV again.

1. Using a projector is a lot of fun

It’s true—adding a projector to your living room really does add an element of excitement. You can kick back and watch your favourite shows in the middle of the day, enjoy movie nights, or play video games, all on a larger-than-life screen. With the latest short throw and ultra-short throw projectors you can set up a home theatre in a very small space. You’ll find screens are easy to hide away too. You can choose fixed screens that are mounted in one spot permanently or projector screens that roll up when you aren’t using them.

2.  Watch the big game on the biggest screen

tv vs projector for sports

When you want your home to be the destination for your friends and family to hang out, all you need is a projector. Sports enthusiasts will love having everyone over for the big game, and you can watch everything from baseball to Formula 1 racing or NBA and NHL playoffs. Who needs to go out when you can load up on refreshments and enjoy the biggest screen possible right at home?

3. They save on space

Projectors are a lot more portable than they used to be, and some are so small they help you save space in your living room. It doesn’t even have to be a permanent fixture as you can choose a small, compact model you can take with you when you travel or outdoors if you’d like to set up an outdoor movie theatre for you and your family.

Just imagine—you could be sitting outside under the stars, toasting marshmallows around the fire pit while enjoying a movie together. All you have to do is make sure you have the right projector and outdoor screen and you’ll have the perfect device for indoors and outdoors. Take a look at the range of outdoor screens you can use to set up an outdoor theatre.

4. Projectors have 1080p or 4K resolution

living room projector

Projector technology has really improved over the last decade. Now you can find LED projectors that can produce crisp, defined images up to 100 inches or larger. Some models offer 1080p resolution and there are a number of models that display in beautiful 4K too. For more on resolution and features, take a look at the projector buying guide.

5. They are versatile

The latest projectors are so versatile you can connect your gaming console and use them for big screen gaming sessions. If you’d like to add a little atmosphere to your living room by streaming your favourite artwork or your family photos to your screen, you can do that too. Some types will even pivot in multiple directions so you can stream stars and planets across your ceiling. For working at home, you could connect your computer to it and use it as an extra large second monitor for those expansive excel sheets.

TV vs. projector?

The next time you consider replacing your TV or adding a new device to your home, consider treating yourself and your family to a new projector. They are fun, easy to use, and give you a great way to enjoy movies and more. Check out the full range of projectors available now at Best Buy.

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  1. A projector is definitely on my list of things to get in the near future. Our basement family room is basically a kids toy storage/play room at the moment but as our daughter gets older I hope we’ll redo the room to be a space for movie nights with a projector.

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