What are you looking for in a new TV? A great picture, of course. And a large screen. And smart features. I’m sure there are many things you want in a new TV. But what is the most important feature for you. Enter this contest and you’ll definitely be happy with the amazing features in the Sony XBR55X900E 4K TV that Best Buy is giving away as the prize.

What is the most important feature of a new TV

You won’t find a TV with a cathode-ray, a massive footprint, or a turn-dial for changing channels on the shelves at Best Buy. Instead you’ll see rows and rows of amazing colours, big screens, thin screens, tiny bezels, and versatile, easy to use smart features. In fact, the TV selection has never been better! They are light enough to mount on most walls, bright enough to be clear enough in a very sunny room, and show colours more naturally than ever.

The Sony 55″ 4K UHD HDR LED Android Smart TV (XBR55X900E) is a great example of the best of the best in TV technology and here are a few of its key features:

4K screen: 4K is the new standard for high definition. In fact, this television will make any signal better, even HD quality programming. However, when you watch 4K movies on this screen, you won’t ever want to go back.

HDR: this technology pairs beautifully with 4K resolution screens to make blacker blacks and colours vibrant and realistic.

Triluminos display: Sony adds another dimension of colour vibrancy to ensure reds, blues and greens are shown in the correct hue from more viewing angles, no matter how bright or dim your room is.

Android Smart Operating system: Intelligent, easy to use functions and access to an ever increasing set of applications allow you to get more from your television.

55 inch display: Big screens are simply better! Immerse yourself in the experience.

Voice Control enabled: Speak into the remote for convenient access to content, and control of your televisions features. Additionally, use Google home enabled devices to issue commands.

Which television feature is most important to you 

Those are a just a small sampling of the great features in this Sony television. I didn’t even mention the dependability and quality that comes with technology manufactured by Sony. To learn more about this amazing television, check out David Manuntag’s video review:

I didn’t list the features above in any particular order, since each of us has a standout feature that for us is the reason why we want this particular television. Tell us what you think is the most important feature and you might just find this 4K HDR TV delivered to your door very soon.


Entering this contest is really easy, but you can only enter once by leaving a comment below (you may not see it posted below immediately but it will eventually show there—please don’t post more than one comment). Now that you have learned about the great TV features that are available in this television, tell us in a comment below which feature is the most important to you.


At the end of the contest, we will randomly select one entry from all eligible entries to receive the Sony 55 inch 4K television.

This contest runs from February 16th until March 2nd.

Remember you can only enter once, but be sure to tell your family and friends. Perhaps they’ll discover the blog for the first time! They would get to read great articles about the latest technology and be able to enter all of the great contests we do on the blog.

Good Luck

Win a Sony 4K TV Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. This TV has many nice features and one of them impressed me is it’s HDR Increase level of clarity and detail

    and detail

  2. I love the feature: Triluminos display: colour vibrancy is very important to me. I love bright colors that pop! And especially more viewing angles is also important because I like to watch the tv from different parts of the living room and I want to be able to still see the screen well. So this is an exciting feature I will look for when I buy a new tv. Thanks for the review! I never know what all these terms mean!

  3. Really need a TV that I can understand dialogue! Hard of hearing is a problem and hearing dialogue clearly is certainly something that would enhance my TV watching immensely. A new TV would really be awesome given how old my current TV is!

  4. Android! Our cable box quit over Christmas so we had no tv for several days. Didn’t help the Christmas blues much. I hope having android would have given us another option.

  5. Intelligence, we don’t have a smart tv now and it’s so frustrating! Would be awesome to upgrade but can’t afford to so it would great to win.

  6. 4K is the most important feature of the day as I just received a entertainment system that requires 4K
    Thank you for another great contest Best Buy!

  7. The android smart operating system is the most important part to me, I have only ever owned android phones and tablets so learning a new operating system would be a deal breaker for me

  8. the Voice control through the remote is by far the coolest feature of this TV. The 4K visuals are just icing on the cake.

  9. I love that the OS is Android based. I assume so apps can also be loaded. Looks awesome and would love to win it.

  10. Who wouldn’t love a new t.v.
    I’ve done some window shopping and i see amazing quality tv’s rhe screens are so realistic looking
    I’d put this in the living room and give grandma my tv thats in there right now she has a super old one in her room.

  11. So many years ago, I was the remote control, then came the universal remote. The voice remote would be a dream come true! I would welcome it with open arms as that is the true meaning of a smart tv. So tell me can I teach it to just recognize my voice and nobody else’s, lol!

  12. Thanks for another amazing contest Best Buy! Picture quality and a sleep timer, otherwise I would be up all night watching this awesome TV!

  13. Triluminos display would be the most important feature for my family, as our seating arrangement has people spread around the room. Being able to see clearly from various angles is a tremendous asset.

  14. 4K and HDR is a must now in todays current trend in TVs. I expected nothing but great visuals.
    What I find interesting is the added features: Android Smart Operating system & Voice Control enabled. Making our technologgy even smarter!

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