Polk are on a mission to make amazing sound accessible to everyone. And after decades of innovative engineering and beautiful design, the home audio manufacturer has made great strides in reaching this goal. Take a look at their product offering on bestbuy.ca. You’ll see that sound is their single focus. And they know what people want in their speaker systems: Simple setup, sleek looks, and, above all, rich and immersive sound quality. Read on to learn more about how the Polk MagniFi MAX SR true 5.1 home theatre sound bar system makes the perfect companion for your home theatre, and then enter this contest for a chance of winning one of your very own.

Polk make it look easy

If you’ve been avoiding installing a surround sound system because you don’t want to deal with the tedious installation, or you just don’t see the benefit of adding more speakers to your current TV setup, Polk have just the system to change your mind.

Installing a surround sound system in your living room used to be such a pain. You needed to be handy with a hammer and few other tools to tackle the job. You see, speaker wires for rear surround speakers (the speakers you place to the left and right of your listening position on the sofa or armchair) would usually run across an open floor space and present a tripping hazard, not to mention how they would diminish the carefully planned aesthetic of the room. And concealing speaker wire was no simple feat. It involved snaking cables through the walls, installing raceways, applying adhesive speaker wire, covering them up with rugs, tucking them between your carpet and baseboard, and even painting them. Now might be a good time to mention you’re allergic to DIY.

The sound bar boasts a unique mounting system to keep it level and centered under your TV

MagniFi MAX SR eliminates the need for all that backbreaking labour. This system includes a MAX sound bar that fits nicely under almost any TV, wireless subwoofer that can be placed almost anywhere in the room, and two SR1 wireless rear surround speakers. The operative word, “wireless”, could be the game changer some of you were waiting for. It renders speaker wire obsolete and instantly offers a cleaner look and less complicated setup.

Included HDMI and optical cables make installation quick and easy (no fumbling around with daunting receivers), while a clever mounting system makes it easy to attach your sound bar and rear speakers to the wall. The rear surround speakers can also be placed on two side tables on either end of your sofa. Plug the rear speakers and subwoofer in, and they’ll automatically sync with the sound bar. It’s that easy. Wi-Fi, Chromecast, and Bluetooth support make streaming music from your favorite apps a cinch too, and you can even connect your Google Home speaker, so you can control what you’re listening to with your voice.

Place your wireless rear speakers on side tables or mount them to the wall

Expect an amazing soundscape

Once set up, put MagniFi MAX SR to the test with something that really shows off its potential, like an opera, symphony orchestra, or live rock concert performance. The sound bar’s 7-driver array is complemented perfectly by the booming bass of the powerful 8” ported subwoofer, while two rear speakers help deliver a truly dynamic surround sound experience. Besides music, this advanced 400-watt, 5.1 channel system is optimized for movies, TV, and sports, and packs multiple technologies that work together to deliver sheer delight to your ears.

Patented SDA digital surround technology creates an expansive, multi-dimensional audio experience to place you and your family at the epicenter of whatever’s happening on-screen, whether you’re watching a blazing car chase in a modern-day crime caper, the latest Attenborough-narrated wildlife documentary, or dying minutes of Sunday night football.

Or, if you’re craving a courtroom drama or other dialogue-driven story, Voice Adjust technology lets you customize the voice levels so you can hear every word of what’s happening. No more double takes of scenes with conversations you didn’t catch the first time around or annoying your partner with questions like, “what did she just say?”.

In conclusion, the MagniFi MAX SR is a powerful surround sound system that’s a cinch to install while delivering mind-blowing sound for all kinds of entertainment. If, like Polk, you’re ready to make amazing sound your mission, the MagniFi MAX SR will make it a simple mission to accomplish.


Entering is easy but you can only enter once. I told you a little bit about Polk’s mission. What’s your audio mission? Why do you want better sound in your home? In a comment below this article, tell us about the show, movie, sports or music event that would benefit from the MagniFi MAX surround sound experience and why.


At the end of this contest we will select two winners to each receive a Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR Sound Bar System.

This contest runs from January 23rd until February 6th.

Remember you can only enter once, but feel free to share this contest with friends and family so they too have a chance to win great audio from Polk.

Win Polk Surround Sound System Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. I am very happy to announce the winners of this Polk audio contest:

    Marni C – Peterborogh ON
    Kathleen C – Winnipeg MB

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  2. I have always dreamt of my dream home having a massive television with surround sound speakers. I promised myself that one day when I have my own place, I’d get all of that. It doesn’t hurt to reach ahead. 😉

  3. Metallica in 4K live with orchestra “Hero of the Day”…I think it sounds good coming from my TV Speakers. I am sure it could be better.

  4. We love to watch movies at home and I like to have the movie experience in our own home with popcorn and blanket.. Lol

  5. We love to watch movies at home and I like to have the movie experience in our own home with popcorn and blanket.. Lol

  6. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  7. Everything on TV would sound much better with this great system.
    But the one event which pops in my head is the NEW YEAR’S CONCERT from Vienna, how wonderful it would sound…

  8. I would watch Bohemian Rhapsody which needs the best sound system because it’s a great music movie 🙂

  9. James Bond movies on the big screen TV with MagniFi MAX surround sound would provide the ultimate home theatre experience with the big theatre sound.

  10. I would absolutely love a MagniFi MAX surround sound experience for my new family!! Our speakers from our TV has a TERRIBLE sound! I don’t have a surround sound, or a sound bar. It would finally be nice to watch a Sports game and hear all the sounds; actually hearing the hockey puck hit the boards, the sound of skates; etc!

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