What do board meetings, movie nights, and family reunions all have in common? Why, a projector of course! Projectors are an essential tool for many events. With so many different types to choose from, you will have no problems finding the one that best suits your needs. Read on to find out more about the kinds of projectors you need for different events, as well as how you can enter to win a BenQ MH535A home theatre projector!

Projectors for your family event

My fast-approaching and not-at-all-stress-inducing wedding has served as a reminder of just how versatile and useful projectors are. My sister is putting together a slideshow for my fiancé and me, and I love the idea of having our story projected on the big screen (I’m hoping the pictures conveniently skip over the most awkward of my teenage years!)

Weddings are not the only family event that is perfect for a projector: reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, heck, even a BBQ, are great times to show off your photos and take a trip down memory lane with your loved ones. We all take a ton of photos, now that we all carry our smartphone/amazing camera everywhere you go. It’s just so sad that the only ones anyone gets to see are those that we choose to post on social channels.

An important consideration is portability—especially if you are travelling to an family event. A huge cinema style projector just won’t be practical. In these cases, a pocket projector might be the best choice, such as the Miroir Micro Pocket Projector (M55) or ASUS ZenBeam E1Like I said earlier, the range of choices means there is a projector for everyone.

Projectors: Taking care of business

Speaker giving a presentation with a projector and slideshow
Projectors are ideal for professional presentations

Whether you’re at a conference, a board meeting, or giving a sales pitch to potential clients, you’ll want and need a good projector. You could use a pocket projector for portability, but if you have a lot of ambient light or a large crowd, a business projector is likely a better option. Business projectors tend to be relatively portable, easy to set and up use, present a very clear image, and work well in both smaller and larger rooms. A good contrast ratio helps text be readable and defined, so you could consider something like the BenQ MH733 business projector or the Epson Pro EX9210 Data Projector. Throw is especially worth considering. Throw is determined by the amount of distance need to display a 100-inch images. A short throw projector that can display the same image as long throw projector using less distance is a good choice for meeting rooms or classrooms, while a long throw projector is better for auditorium use.

Home Theatre Projectors

Pocket projectors are great for travelling and commuting, and business projectors are great for data, but at home, image and playback quality is king. Features that are important at home are the ones that give you a movie theatre experience, like resolution, colour enhancement technology, contrast ratio, and brightness. Something like the Epson Home Cinema 4010 projector would be ideal for your home theatre, because you don’t have worried about your projector being lightweight or incredibly portable.

BenQ Projector
BenQ MH535 Projector

The BenQ MH535A home theatre projector, which you can enter below to win, is a great option if you want a projector that can do it all. It can handle both entertainment, like movies, sports, and TV shows, as well as business data with ease. It uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology which produces sharp images with little lag. Pair this with a Full HD 1080p resolution, 3600 lumens of brightness, and the ability to project clear images even on big screens, and you have a projector that adapts to both cinematic and professional content. Plus, if you’re hosting a family reunion, you know you have the right tool for a stunning and sentimental slideshow. You might even just do a weekly slideshow to “rediscover” some of the great photos you shot in the previous week!


At the end of this contest, we will choose one winner from all eligible entries to receive a BenQ MH535A home theatre projector.


Entering is simple, but you can only enter once! In a comment below, tell us what event you would use the BenQ MH535A projector at.

This contest runs from August 2nd to August 16th.

Remember, you can only enter once, but I’m sure you know someone who could use a projector for a conference, family reunion, or home use, so share this contest far and wide!

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  2. My husband was just talking about a projector! We would take it camping with us and watch movies from behind the trailer!

  3. We would LOVE to win this great projector, so we can go with our daughter’s suggestion to setup a large white sheet on the back of our house in the summer and stream shows on Netflix. Perfect family activity!! We have never won anything large like this so it would be VERY welcomed. 🙂

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