Imagine having the newest television, a Samsung 8K television, with a vibrant, amazing 65 inch screen, on a wall in your home. Imagine! After we published an announcement article about this television, one reader quickly commented at the bottom of that page, “Whoa!” That sums it up! I can’t believe that we are able to offer one of these as a contest prize at Best Buy. Samsung is so innovative to create this TV and so generous to send us one to give away on the blog! Read below to learn why I am beyond breathless with excitement about this contest, and to learn how to enter for your chance to win this fantastic television.

My favourite features in the Samsung QLED 8K TV

There are too many marvelous new features in this television to put in a short contest announcement article like this; so, I want to focus on my favourite three features: 8K upscaling, built-in intelligence, and Ambient Mode.

Upscaling technology takes all content to a new level

If I had this television, the first thing I’d watch is the first Harry Potter movie. Seriously. My DVD copy isn’t even widescreen! This would be the ultimate test of the new upscaling technology. Samsung says this television uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to upscale “4K or lower resolution content to appear in stunning near-8K quality for improved details, sharpened edges and reduced noise.” Of course, I also could not wait to see the newest Avengers: Endgame on this huge incredible screen too. What would you watch first to see how different it will be in 8K?

Smart Samsung TV

My current TV is quite dumb. I have to connect multiple steaming boxes for it to mildly resemble a smart TV. In comparison, this Samsung TV is Einstein-like. First of all, it has an “Intelligence Mode” that senses lighting and audio in the room to adjust brightness and volume. So you’ll hear voices over the background without having to touch the remote. Of course, it couldn’t claim to be smart if it wasn’t also flexible: you can control it with the remote, or with Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby, or with a Google Assistant, or with Amazon’s Alexa—even using Airplay 2. Basically everything my streaming boxes—all of them—can do, it can do better!

And the Tizen operating system puts all of your favourite content right where you can most easily access it. That includes the channels that I watch most often, Netflix and Prime Video. Can you see now why I am so excited about this prize?

A television that impresses even when turned off

Walk into my living room, and there on the wall is a big black hole of bleak nothingness. I put up with this unaesthetic, monstrous, peek into the dark recesses of an empty shell for what it can do when turned on. Samsung decided that they can do better. Enter Ambient Mode. This is by far my favourite feature of Samsung’s new televisions. Look at the image on the left for a glimpse of what it can do; see how it blends into the background of the wall behind it! Such a brilliant idea!

With Ambiant Mode, when you turn off your TV it displays an image of the wall behind, or a family photo … Think of the possibilities! No more blackness on a major wall of your room. Put art there; put your child’s baby photo, or a funny pic of your pet. Your TV can now express your personality, your life, even when it’s not entertaining you with a movie.

Samsung 8K televisions are superior

It’s an undeniable fact. Some televisions are better than others. Some televisions deliver a better audio-visual experience simply because they are a better product. And who doesn’t want a better movie experience, better sports experience, and better all-round television in their own homes? Do you? Carefully follow the instructions below and you might have this fabulous Samsung QLED 8K television in your home very soon.


Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. I told you what my favourite feature is of this television. To enter this contest, you must:

  1. Share (either on social media, in an email, or in person) what your favourite feature of this new Samsung 8K television is, and
  2. Tell us in a comment below this article what your favourite feature is and how you told others about it.

So, a valid entry will have both of those pieces of information. For example, if I was entering this contest I’d put this in a comment below, “I told people about Ambient Mode in an article on the Best Buy Blog.”


At the end of this contest, one valid entry will be selected and that person will win a Samsung 65″ 8K UHD HDR QLED Tizen Smart TV.

This contest will run from April 12th until May 5th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, this is a big contest, with a big prize that you really don’t want to keep quiet about. It’s an 8K TV! Tell your friends and family. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. Tell the world that Samsung has created an amazing new TV and sent one to Best Buy for this contest.

Win a Samsung 8K TV Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.


  1. Intelligence Mode sounds like a great feature. I told my friend about it and now he wants to get this TV too.

  2. The ambient mode is unreal! I would love to try it and have told others about it as well and shared this post with them.

  3. I love the Ambient Mode. Who wants to look at a black screen when the t.v is off? Being able to project a picture or the wall behind is brilliant.

    I’ve shared via my Twitter feed.

  4. Love the ambient feature…who wants to look at a black screen when you can have a picture displayed. Awesome feature!

    Shared via Twitter

  5. Thanks So many good features, I am most impressed with the upscaling and the refresh rate. I have shared this with my family who were all here for Easter Dinner. They were very interested.

  6. Told my family and friends and shared this article on Facebook about
    How awesome this tv is
    It’s the total package
    Having everything you could want
    And then some .

  7. would love to have the upscale feature, bought 55″ samsung 1080p couple of years ago.but friends are using 4k witch is amazing but 8k wow.shared on face book with my friends.

  8. Besides the obvious jump in picture quality, ambient mode would be my favourite feature considering my TV is mounted on a wall with designs on it it would really help it not be as much of an eye sore! Sent this post to my brother to show him how neat it is as well!

  9. I love the fact that it blends into the background of the wall. I told people about it using my mouth. 🙂

  10. I was saying about the ambient mode, it’s a really interesting concept and the blue wall example would actually look really interesting, I’m curious about the power consumption and risk of “burn in” on screens though (doesn’t seem to happen as often anymore though) I shared this through Twitter on my account @gedbrah

  11. Told my whole family about this TV (via e-mail)! Mainly about the 8k with looks amazing and the ambient mode!

  12. I showed my husband the best buy blog regarding the Ambient Technology in the Samsung QLED 8k impressive we have been looking for a 65 inch tv for awhile

  13. Sent a messenger text : Check out the ambient feature that the Samsung 8k has to offer! Would be nice not to have company staring at a black hole in the wall. A nice way to express yourself as well

  14. I really like the ups along technology. It would be very cool to watch some movies like Venom and Shazam in 8K. I emailed my friend about it and he seems excited too!

  15. Wow, this television is phenomenal. All the features described above are very exciting but the features I’m most impressed and excited about would be the upscaling technology. I would rematch several favorite movies to test out this feature for sure! Lord of the rings trilogy comes to mind, as well as yes Harry Potter and Avatar. I’m also excited about the ability to control this tv with my Alexa assistant and getting rid of all my connected devices in exchange for this smart tv. The ambient mode feature also sounds very cool. I would have it display some of my favorite art pieces. I hate staring at the black hole on the wall. I told my brother and several friends about this tv and they are just as impressed as I am. I also sent a link to this site through email to a good friend.

  16. When I learned about 8K Qled “Intelligence Mode” feature that senses lighting, audio, brightness, and volume. So you’ll hear voices over the background and not have to touch the remote…That is amazing! The future of TV’s seems endless (next the TV will be able to read my mind and to what channel to watch). But we have Alexa to help us with this! I can’t get my head around 65″ of the screen but I am pretty sure my hubby would be up for a weekend Pro Golf Tournament to two on this amazing TV! No Leaf Playoff Games will be watched, unfortunately 🙁 I shared the info about this TV in my staffroom at work! I also shared it on my twitter account as well! Even my parents (who are in their 80’s were amazed at all the things the 8K Qled could do!
    Dream TV with real technology perks fit for a Queen (or just little old me).

  17. I have friends that are also into watching science, technology and nature shows about the Samsung 8K television and how awesome the picture would look and the amount of detail that would be seen.

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