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All you need for a perfect summer sports viewing party is a great BenQ projector. And this is a great summer to invite friends and family over too. There are so many great summer sports … and finally you and your friends can get together to cheer on your favourite athletes, your favourite teams, and your favourite events. But, to make the party more special, you need a big, beautiful screen like that produced by premium projectors by BenQ. In this contest we are giving away two of the best projectors available at Best Buy, the BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector and the BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector.

Which summer sports will you be watching

Recently I watched some amazing Grand Slam tennis and European Football games. Those events were a great start to a summer filled with history making sporting events in almost every summer sport you can think of: swimming, track and field, gymnastics and the list goes on and on. Throughout the summer there will be fantastic sports to enjoy right up to the football season.

There are lots of ways to enjoy sports too. You could watch on your phone for the convenience of mobility. You could watch on your regular television … like you’ve been doing in isolation all year long. Or you could invite lots of friends over for a summer viewing party that will no one you will be able to say no to. Pick a sport (there are events happening all over the world, at all times of the day and night), call your guests, plan your snacks, fire up the BBQ, and get ready to party.

BenQ projectors deliver life-sized action and entertainment

Think back to those days when having people over to share food and fun was something we took for granted. No one is taking it for granted this summer. Hosting a sports viewing summer party will be special this year: especially if everyone can see the screen! That’s the advantage of using a projector. The prizes we are giving away in this contest offer even bigger advantages.

We sent each of these projectors to tech writer Andy Baryer for an honest review. He loved the amazing 137 inch 4K display from the BenQ TK850i. He discussed many of the features of this great projector including ease of set up and the ways to connect it to the content you love. Andy also really liked the BenQ X1300i gaming projector. He stated that, “With low-latency and HDR game compatibility, this projector is purpose-built for gaming consoles.” If you win this projector then set up the new Sega Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 or the Nintendo Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 and throw a sports themed video gaming party!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter a maximum of two times.

  1. In a comment below this article, tell us which of the two projectors we are giving away in this contest is your favourite and why
  2. In a comment on only one of Andy’s review articles (either the BenQ X1300i or the BenQ TK850i but not both) tell us which sport you want to watch using a BenQ projector this summer.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select two winners from all eligible entries. One person will win the BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector that Andy tested for the blog and the other will win the BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector that Andy tested for the blog.

This contest will run from July 16th until August 3rd

Remember you can only enter twice: once below this article and once below one of Andy’s review articles for the prizes we are giving away in this contest. However, call everyone on your summer sports viewing guest list and tell them to enter too since they too would love to create a perfect summer sports party this year.

Win a BenQ projector Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I would love the BenQ TK850i to watch family movies with the grandchildren, Hockey and live Music Concerts with my Friends. I love that projector is easy to set up and portable.

  2. The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector would be my choice. I would watch the summer Olympics, especially the tennis competitions

  3. The kids would love movie night out on the patio and The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector could make this happen

  4. The Smart Home Theatre Projector TK850i would be my choice to enable me to watch Olympics gymnastics in high resolution.

  5. The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector would be great as it offers 4K resolution. I would watch the Olympics esp. women’s soccer.

  6. I would choose the BenQ 4K UHD HDR Smart Home Theatre Projector (TK850i). 6K is where it’s at! And gaming for my son…bonus!

  7. The BenQ TK850i has definitely got my eye! With a 4k display there’s no denying the play. I’d personally love to see a good hockey game on this as we are fanatics. However, soccer and football would be ultra fantastic to watch too.

  8. The BenQ TK850i projector is my favourite due to its 4K capabilities. We currently own a 720p projector and this BenQ would be a huge upgrade!

  9. The BenQ TK850I because it has amazing picture quality so we could use it outdoors for many movie nights.

  10. I would like the BenQ 4K UHD HDR Smart Home Theatre Projector because of the Immersive Sports Mode and Motion Enhancer which is perfect for watching all sorts of sports.

  11. My favourite is the BenQKT850i Smart Home Theatre Projector (as we have a cottage and it is easy to project a movie outside) because of the High Resolution.

  12. I would like the BENQ TK85Oi home theatre so I can watch swimming on the Olympics channel in high resolution.

  13. The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector would be great outside to have a kids party in the back yard

  14. The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector would be great outside to watch some Blue Jays games!

  15. I would choose the BenQ TK850i because I love the idea of the 4K resolution – great for amazing family Disney watching!

  16. How amazing would it be to watch the Tokyo Summer Games on the BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector?!
    Can’t be there in person but we can cheer from afar. Go Team Canada!

  17. I would love to win Ben Q TK850i with 4K resolution for when we can finally start having our nieces and nephew over for sleepovers again. Lots of lost time to make up with due to Covid and what a better way to spend our evenings together then popcorn, tent forts and movies.

  18. The BenQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector would be incredible to set up in our backyard. We’d love to watch movies with friends outside and it sounds like this is easy to use.

  19. In response to Andy’s review article, I would watch the Canadians swimming team with Best Buy’s BenQ TK850i.
    Go Canada Go!

  20. I think the BenQ TK850i and its 4 k display would undoubtedly be best in our great outdoor space.

  21. I like the BenQ TK850i as the lamp life is impressive and it has many different options for ports.

  22. I love the BQ TK850i Smart Home Theatre Projector. It provides flexibility of usage. We love to watch movies and we enjoy Baseball.

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