If you work in an office or run your own business, chances are you’ve had to give a presentation. And that also means you’ve likely dealt with finicky cables and outdated projectors that refused to cooperate when you’re about to deliver the slideshow you spent hours perfecting. The BenQ MH535A data projector is making that experience a thing of the past. And if you read on and enter this contest, you could win this business projector to help you knock that big pitch out of the park.

BenQ MH535A: An adaptable, easy to use data projector

It’s utterly frustrating when technology throws a wrench in your plans. Imagine: there you are, in front of potential clients or company bigwigs and when you plug in your presentation it’s barely legible or, even worse, it won’t appear at all. Now your focus is thrown off, and you feel a bit foolish for being bested by a machine.

Designed for business settings, the BenQ MH535A projector will help take the headache out of presentations. This isn’t your elementary school projector: this is a 1080p projector that offers high contrast to produce clear and legible text, even in conference rooms with ambient light. No one will have to squint to read your charts or date. As for set up, that’s simple too. The remote includes a Quick Install button which immediately accesses functions such as Test Pattern and Keystone, so you don’t have to go through a dizzying myriad of nested menus.

Adjustable feet prevent any distracting wobbling on uneven surfaces, while vertical keystone correction ensures that your presentation is square and properly aligned. This projector also has multiple inputs including dual HDMI and dual VGA inputs, allowing you to switch between presenters or platforms without any awkward lag time.

A data projector that can do it all

Though primarily designed for business, blog writer Jacob McCourt found that this projector also could easily be used as a home entertainment projector. It has few pixels and minimal lag, so games looked sharp and it could handle movies with have high-contrast colours. See for yourself:

He was also really impressed with its compact size, simple features, and how well it worked to present data in bright rooms. You can read the rest of Jacob’s review here. 

Another neat feature of the MH535A is that you can adjust the projector for the colour of the wall to maximize picture clarity without having to hang up a white sheet or set up a screen. And for those of you that are environmentally conscious, this projector has an Eco Cycle System. This means it determines brightness to optimize colour and contrast while saving lamp power, has an auto power off function, and features an Eco Blank Mode that activates after 3 minutes of inactivity to remove distractions and save energy. Not only are you helping the planet, you’ll also be helping your viewers keep their focus.


Entering this contest is easy, but you only get one entry! In a comment below, tell us how you would use this projector. Would it help you impress potential business partners at a conference? Would it be a great addition to a classroom setting? Or maybe you would like to add it to your home theatre set up?


One winner will be chosen from all eligible entries to receive a BenQ MH535A projector.

This contest will run from March 8th to March 22nd 

You can only enter once, but share this contest with coworkers, friends, and family so they too can have a chance to use a modern data projector in a home or work setting.

BenQ Data Projector Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  2. This is a multi purpose one. I can use it in my basement to watch movies. Bring it with me when needed for a party which we host to present the Pictures and Products. Also i can even bring it to my office place to present something to my staff and provide them any training. I guess we can perform a lot of jobs if we keep it mobile

  3. My son is a Canadian naval officer. I would donate this to his ship to entertain the sailors during down-times while at sea.

  4. I’ve used one at work for boring work stuff. I always wanted to use one for something entertaining.

  5. My son is a Canadian naval officer. This would be used on board his ship for troop entertainment during slow periods.

  6. With many family milestones coming up it would be great for family slideshows and better than using just a laptop.

  7. I would use it for outdoor movie nights. Also for playing games with my grandchildren. what a giggle that would be!

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