If you haven’t thought about your TV in a few years, it’s time to start. In just the last handful of years, TV technology has again taken major leaps forward, delivering better picture, and much higher quality video. So much so that new TVs like 4K can make your old TV look like a vintage Etch-a-Sketch by comparison.

When considering upgrading the TV, Christmas is a great time to do it; you can make a brand new TV a gift for the family so everyone can enjoy it. You should also consider going to 4K format, since it’s the best video money can buy. But it’s also becoming the best value, as costs are coming down on the technology, while picture quality continues to rise.

What is 4K TV?

You’re likely hearing a lot about 4K TV, particularly if you’re eyeballing options for a new set for the holidays. 4K TV is relatively new to the market, emerging widely to consumers within just the last couple of years. However the technology existed commercially as far back as the early 2000’s. Also called Ultra HD, 4K TV has caught on because it’s the best possible video picture available to consumers like you and me. As

What’s so great? Millions of Pixels!

sony 4k TV living room.jpgThe ‘4’ part of the “4K TV” name comes from the approximate number of horizontal pixels; there are about 4000; a regular HD TV has only about 2000 pixels. So with over eight million total pixels, 4K/Ultra HD gives whatever you’re watching life-like colour, vivid brightness, and authentic, realistic detail. So what are those 8 million pixels doing for you? They supply more detail than you’ve likely ever seen, more sharpness and more colour options; in all, a much more realistic image on your screen.
For more detail on 4K TVs, read my blog all about it.

Why is 4K TV great?

4K TV is great because it’s the best possible picture you can get. It’s definitely something that’s hard to quantify, however.

For example, I thought my seven-year-old TV was just fine, until I had a new 4K TV brought into the house for testing and review. Side by side, the difference is staggering, but the thing is — you won’t know what you’re missing until you see it for yourself. Hearing about how great 4K TV is, is like hearing how great the food is at Spago, or French Laundry or Le Bernardin, or Arzak. That’s all very interesting opinion, but until there’s food on your tongue, you’ll never know just how great it really is because reading about it isn’t at all the same.

I highly recommend popping in to a nearby Best Buy store and wandering the TV aisle. I guarantee you’ll be impressed, if not totally blown away by what amazing screens TVs today have, particularly the 4K models.

What sizes is 4K TV available in?

40″ Rangersz_samsung_4ktv.jpg
The first thing to take note of with a 4K TV is that you don’t want a smaller one. 4K is all about the detail, the richness and the millions of colours, and none of those things can be fully appreciated on a small set, so a 40” set like this Samsung is a great mid-sized TV that can easily fit in a living room or family room, but still provide the amazing video quality you’re looking for with 4K.

50″ Range
From there, the sky (or your wall size) is the limit. 4K TVs are available in the 50 inch range too, like this Philips version that also has smart capabilities built right in. Combining 4K picture with smart functions like built-in internet and streaming TV is a great way to get a lot of TV in one package.

60″ Range

Speaking of smart 4K TVs, VIZIO takes us into the next size range, 60+ inches, with its smart television. VIZIO is a great brand that’s relatively new to Canada, but I had the chance to try one out myself and really really enjoyed the experience.

80″ and Over
If you want to go really big, there’s plenty to peruse in the 80 inch and over category when it comes to 4K options. LG, Sony, Samsung and Vizio all make TVs that will absolutely fill your field of vision with razor-sharp, realistic video, TV, gaming, or whatever entertainment you’re plugging into your set.

Why a new 4K TV is a great gift

As I said earlier, a TV is a great family gift because it’s truly something everyone in the family can access and enjoy; whether it’s kids playing games or surfing YouTube, or parents watching movies, or playing back vacation photos from their smartphones, a new TV is something that will be used and appreciated every single day, unlike matching pyjamas, a blender, or a board game.

Check out all the 4K TV options at Best Buy.

What’s the best family gift you ever got? Or (for fun!) what was the worst? Share your stories in comments below!




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